FAQ for temporary housing in Hamburg

There are many questions that our customers ask again and again. Here you will find the answers! If you have any further questions, just get in touch with us.   

How renting or renting out an interim apartment works

How does renting an interim apartment in Hamburg work?

The search for a furnished apartment in Hamburg is easy and uncomplicated via City-Wohnen, Agency for furnished apartments. Would you like to book directly or visit the apartment in advance?  An overview in simple steps and with lots of information is available here: How does renting a temporary apartment in Hamburg work?

How does renting out an interim apartment in Hamburg work?

It takes some knowhow to rent out a furnished apartment in a legally secure way. Who is familiar with all the rules and regulations? An agency for temporary living such as City-Wohnen does all the work for you. An overview in simple steps and with lots of information is available here: How does renting out a temporary apartment in Hamburg work?



FAQ - Renting an interim furnished apartment

Where can I find the available interim apartments?

All apartments that are currently available are displayed on the website. We update the website several times a day. Also, only apartments that are actually available are displayed. Properties that are currently rented and have a renewal option in the lease are not displayed. You can find current vacant apartments here: Rent apartment

How can I register with City-Wohnen to rent a furnished apartment?

The registration is very simple via our online form. After registration, we will contact you personally to discuss the final details. Our service is free of charge for lessees and does not oblige them to rent an apartment through City-Wohnen. Sign up here to find an apartment: Registration form for lessees

Is a direct booking safe?

A direct booking with a professionally drawn-up lease agreement is legally secure at City-Wohnen. Personal visits are generally possible, but usually not required. Here you will find more information: Visit or book

How does City-Wohnen help relocation agencies?

As a relocation agency, you have many, many formalities to take care of. When it comes to the apartment search for clients, many relocation agencies rely on City-Wohnen's expertise and large pool of lessors. Relocation to Hamburg

How does City-Wohnen help corporate clients?

Many companies and corporations know the problem. As soon as new employees are hired, the topic of housing also comes up. Especially for the probationary period, temporary housing is a perfect and stress-free transitional solution. The new colleagues can have a little time to acclimate to Hamburg and adjust to their new job. Let us take care of the apartment search. Corporate clients

How are the furnished apartments equipped?

All apartments are fully equipped. Even linens are almost always available. You can find the exact details in the apartment descriptions. Usually, you only need to bring a suitcase with your private belongings and clothes to move into your new home.

Is there internet in the apartments?

An internet or wifi connection is usually provided and can be used. However, the lessors cannot liable for flawless operation of this technology. Therefore, there is no guarantee for the uninterrupted use of the internet. If there are problems with the internet, the lessor will contact the respective provider. There is no liability, for example, for the case that working in a home office is not possible.

Where can I find information about Hamburg's districts?

There are over 70 districts in Hamburg. We describe the most important districts here in our City-Guide Hamburg



FAQ - Renting out an interim furnished apartment

How can I register with City-Wohnen to rent out an interim apartment?

We offer three service packages to choose from: lütt, plietsch, or kommood. You can see exactly which service we offer in the overview. Once you have decided, enter all the apartment details in the online registration. We will contact you personally to clarify any final questions. You can find the service packages and the registration form for offering your apartment here: Rent out apartment

How should I equip my apartment for a furnished rental?

We are often asked how to furnish an apartment. The simplest advice we can give is furnish the apartment as you would want a temporary home for several months. Basically, everything you need for daily life should be there in good quality. People often arrive from far away with only a suitcase of private belongings and clothes. Read here our tips on furnishing an interim apartment → with a small checklist for furnishing an interim apartment

Do I need an energy certificate to rent my furnished apartment?

Yes, it is required by law. In most cases, the energy certificate is already available, for example from your property management company. Otherwise, a consumption certificate can also be created relatively simply and inexpensively via the internet.

Are City-Wohnen’s professional photos free of charge?

It is absolutely true that apartments are usually brokered faster when there are good and informative pictures. Our photographer will take beautiful photos of your apartment. This service is free of charge. Depending on the service package you have chosen, the size of the apartment, and the rental period, a 360° tour will also be taken free of charge. How to prepare well for the photo session.  Read here: Photo shoot

Will City-Wohnen also draw up a floorplan of my apartment?

For many people, the floorplan is an important orientation aid. Beginning with your copy, we will create your floorplan free of charge. We can work with everything from a sketch to an architect’s blueprint. 

Can I get advice on how much rent to charge for my apartment?

If you are unsure how to determine the rental price, ask us. It is important to us that there is a fair price-performance ratio and that the apartment rents are transparent and easily comparable. Find more info about: Rental price furnished apartment

How is the furnishing surcharge calculated?

A furnishing surcharge sets the value of the co-rented furniture and equipment. A difficult topic, which is also not (yet) regulated by law. There are two models that are currently practiced, the Berlin model and the Hamburg model.

Will City-Wohnen advise me what my chances are of renting out my apartment well, safely, and quickly?

As soon as you have commissioned us to broker your apartment via the online registration, we will contact you to discuss the key data and conditions of your apartment. If we see a need for changes, we will advise you. One mistake we see quite often is having too narrow a definition of which lessees you would like to have for your apartment. For example, if your apartment is big enough for 2 people or even for a family, it makes no sense to try to rent limit it to one person. This will decrease your chances of being able to rent quickly.



FAQ - General information about renting a furnished apartment

What is a security deposit and where is it held?

With furnished apartments it is also common that a deposit is required as security for rent. Read our information on the topic here: Deposit

Who pays the broadcasting fee for the furnished apartment?

No matter if you have a TV or a radio, or if you even use them, a broadcasting fee must be paid for every apartment. You can find more information about it here: Broadcasting fee

How about cleaning a furnished apartment?

When the furnished apartment is handed over, it should be sparkling clean. What else to consider on the subject of cleaning can be read here: Cleaning

Who draws up a legally-secure lease agreement for temporary furnished rentals?

The lease agreement is a very important formality and must be drawn up with care. We take care of that. All you then need to do is sign it, conveniently and digitally with DocuSign. If you want to find out more about the different types of rental agreement, read on here: Rental agreement for temporary living

Who issues the housing provider confirmation for registration in Hamburg?

A housing provider confirmation is required when renters want to register as residents of Hamburg. We prepare the housing provider confirmation (exception: apartments with the lütt service package). The confirmation must then be signed by the lessor. Information on registration deadlines with the authorities can be found here: Housing provider confirmation

How is the apartment handover done?

The apartment handovers at move-in and move-out are very important (and interesting). These appointments are carried out either by our field service team or by the lessors themselves, depending on the service package booked for the apartment. We will help in any case. Here you can find a lot of information about apartment handover



FAQ - About City-Wohnen

Things to know about City-Wohnen

Where did the idea of temporary furnished apartments come from, who started it, and when? Read more here: About City-Wohnen Hamburg

What does the City-Wohnen team stand for?

Our Hamburg team is here directly on site in Hamburg for all our customers, no matter if you are renting out an apartment in Hamburg or moving here from far away. We are here for everyone and are happy to welcome people from all over the world. Team City-Wohnen

Are there good, reliable agencies for temporary living in other German cities?

Zeitwohnwerk is the quality standards network for interim living in Germany and was founded in 2007. However, we have known most of the agencies for much longer. We can recommend these agencies with a clear conscience: Network for temporary accommodations in Germany

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