Checklist for furnishing a longterm apartment

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You have an apartment that you would like to rent out furnished and are wondering what you need to get? We are happy to support you with the following checklist!


How to furnish interim apartments - Checklist for lessors


What furniture, fixtures, and amenities you need for your apartment depends on various factors such as the number and size of the rooms. Just see what makes sense and is feasible in your apartment and which of the following suggestions are relevant for you. Apartments that are furnished both well and comfortably are rented quickly, so it is worthwhile to equip the apartment with attractive, well-maintained, and comfortable pieces. It does not always have to be new furniture. A mix of older (vintage) furniture combined with newer pieces can create a tasteful temporary home. Small tip: If a suitable room is available, it makes sense to set up a comfortable sleeping option for guests in that space.


Furnishing entrance area

A warm welcome to an apartment makes everyone happy, and what better way to achieve this than with a smartly-furnished entrance area? For the first impression at inspections, a nice hallway is worth its weight in gold.

→ Doormat
→ Wardrobe with hangers
→ Shoe rack or shoe cabinet
→ Storage for keys, caps, bags, etc.
→ Mirror


Furnishing living area

The living area is the heart of your apartment. This is where your lessees will probably spend most of their (free) time. Therefore, make it as comfortable and homelike for them as possible!

→ Sofa, armchair or sofa bed
→ Sofa table
→ Cabinets or shelves with enough storage space for personal belongings
→ Dining table and chairs (if not available in the kitchen)
→ Curtains, blinds
→ Rug


Furnishing bedroom

What is more important than a good night's sleep? Not much, we would say! Comfort is the key here, and the furnishings should be based on it. Don't hesitate to get the most comfortable mattress you can possibly find! We recommend buying a mattress protector that you can wash or have cleaned. This will extend the life of the mattress.

→ Double bed with good mattress, mattress protector or topper
→ Bedside table
→ Bedside lamp
→ Large closet with hangers
→ Mirror
→ Comforter and pillow(s)
→ Fresh bed linen (at least 2 sets)
→ Laundry basket
→ Curtains, blinds (well darkening)


Furnishing kitchen

Maybe your new lessees are very into cooking? In that case, a perfectly-equipped kitchen would be an absolute must-have! Even for those lessees whose culinary talents are restricted to morning coffee and microwave meals, a well-equipped kitchen still contributes to the feel-good factor of an apartment.

→ Kitchen cabinets
→ kitchen table and chairs (possibly)
→ Stove (preferably with four burners)
→ Exhaust hood
→ Refrigerator and freezer
→ Oven, Microwave
→ Breakfast utensils such as coffee maker, kettle, toaster
→ Sufficient fresh kitchen towels
→ Cleaning cloth, sponges and/or dish brush
→ Cutlery (at least fourfold)
→ Plates, glasses, cups, bowls, etc. (at least fourfold)
→ Good pots and pans in each small and large version
→ Kitchen utensils such as cooking spoons, sharp knives
→ Can and bottle opener, strainer, scissors, etc.
→ Dishwasher, if possible


Furnishing bathroom

In most cases, the first thing you do in the morning is go to the bathroom. And if we’re being honest, what better way is there to start the day than in a first-rate bathroom?

→ Bathroom cabinets
→ Mirror
→ Bath mat
→ Splash guard for the shower (e.g. shower curtain)
→ Sufficient fresh hand towels in various sizes
→ Towel hooks
→ Toothbrush tumbler
→ Toilet brush
→ Soap and toilet paper at move-in


Working from home

Ever since the pandemic, everyone is aware of remote working and the need for a home office. There's a good chance that your new lessees may work in the apartment. That is why apartments with a good workspace are in high demand and are rented out more quickly.

→ Desk
→ Desk chair
→ Desk lamp
→ Fast internet


Balkony or garden

Does your apartment have an outdoor area? Just a few nice furnishings will make it into a small oasis for your lessees!

→ Table and chairs
→ Maybe Parasol or awning
→ Maybe low-maintenance plants, herb bed or flowers for the ambience
→ Maybe lanterns, fairy lights



Perfectly-functioning technical equipment is one of the most important factors for renting out your furnished apartment. Because if we are being honest, don't we all desperately want technology that just works?

→ TV, possibly smart TV or other streaming option
→ Fast internet
→ Music system with speakers or Bluetooth box
→ Washing machine and possibly dryer
→ Vacuum cleaner and extra dust bags
→ Iron and ironing board
→ Hairdryer
→ Socket distributor
→ Extension cable


Useful items

Once all the rooms are furnished, look around to see what useful, everyday items might be missing.

→ Ceiling lamps in all rooms
→ Replacement bulbs (possibly)
→ Laundry rack and clips
→ Trash can for bathroom, kitchen and study
→ Hand brush or broom



Finally, what would an apartment be without the personal touch?

→ Rugs
→ Decoration for feeling home: pictures, vases, candlesticks with candles
→ Sofa blanket
→ Smaller lamps
→ Easy care houseplant for indoor climate
→ Bouquet of flowers as a welcome


The above-mentioned points are to support you in your process. Let your creativity run free, and prepare your apartment for the new lessees with a lot of attention to detail. We are looking forward to the result!

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