Information about the broadcasting fee in Germany

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No matter how many people live in an apartment, no matter if a radio, TV, etc. are present, and no matter if they are used, the broadcasting fee (Rundfunkbeitrag) must always be paid.


The broadcasting fee is mandatory


A broadcasting fee for public programming for radio, tv and internet must be paid for each apartment. This contribution is mandatory. It is easiest if the apartment is registered before the rental, and the broadcast fee contribution number can be recorded in the lease agreement. Lessees will be contacted by the Rundfunkanstalt at the latest after registering their address (Anmeldung) and asked to pay the broadcasting fee or to provide the broadcasting fee number.

The costs can be included in the all-inclusive rent.

If lessors decide not to pay the broadcasting fee for an apartment, this could be a competitive disadvantage. Few people want to deal with registering the fee for a short rental period.

All information can be found in English and other languages on the website

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