How to rent out an temporary furnished apartments in Hamburg

Perfectly styled bedroom _ Renting out a temporary apartment in Hamburg through City-Wohnen

Your goal is our goal. We would like to find a lessee for your furnished interim apartment quickly and reliably.

City-Wohnen offers you careful and competent support, from the exposé to the conclusion of the rental contract. You can offer your furnished apartment in Hamburg very conveniently by filling out our online form for lessors and including all your details and wishes. As an agency for interim living solutions since 1987, we support you actively in renting out your furnished apartment.


How much service do you need from us? We offer three service packages. The main difference between the packages is if you wish for City-Wohnen to carry out viewings, apartment handovers, and possibly manage the deposit in our special account. Take a look at this information in peace and quiet. You can read here all about our service packages: Rent out apartment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Just send us the registration form for lessors free of charge. We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the final details about renting out your furnished apartment in Hamburg. Detailed information about your property makes it easier for us to find the perfect lessees for you.


Once we have your complete data and the photos created for you free of charge, your apartment’s exposé will go live on our website and on other major real estate portals. At the same time, we will contact our current customers and our corporate clients and relocation agencies in particular, to offer them your apartment. If you have chosen our kommood service package, we will organize the viewing appointments for you.


As soon as we have found a lessee for your furnished apartment, we will prepare the bilingual, legally secure lease agreement for interim living for you, including internet agreement. You and your tenant can sign the lease conveniently and digitally with DocuSign. With the plietsch and kommood service packages, we also prepare the housing provider confirmation for you.


Of course, we also accompany you during the apartment handover. Depending on the service package you chose for, either we take care of the organization and protocols, or you take care of it yourself. In the latter case, we will gladly support you with templates and information.

Why should I offer a furnished apartment for rent?

Furnished rentals are becoming increasingly popular. Renting out a furnished apartment has several advantages over unfurnished rentals. Especially for people who leave their apartments for a certain period due to work or for a long journey, subletting your furnished apartment is the optimal solution. You do not have to empty the apartment for an unfurnished rental, which saves time, effort and money.

Likewise, you avoid unnecessary vacancy and offer other people the opportunity to rent temporary accommodation.

At the same time, a furnished rental offers you a high degree of flexibility. For example, in the event that you need the apartment again and again yourself in the meantime or that you would like to sell the apartment at some point.

Why rent through an agency for interim furnished apartments?

Quite simply because as an owner-managed agency, we have over 30 years of expertise and are personally there for you. City-Wohnen is directly on site in Hamburg. We know and love our city. We know the market, and we know the laws and regulations. We know which leases are lawful and secure. We take care of the time-consuming initial contact with apartment seekers for you and can then offer your apartment to matching potential renters. This saves you a lot of time.  We take care of the perfect description of your apartment, the perfect photos, and extensive marketing with advertisements on the most important platforms.

This creates a high level of confidence and ensures a smooth rental process.

Our clientele

People from all over the world contact us: academics, cultural workers, top managers, people from politics or business, and many more. This clientele often uses temporary furnished apartments, sometimes for a transitional period or for project work – there are many reasons.

We love this global mindset and agility! All our correspondence is in German and English. That way everyone stays on the same page.

City-Wohnen's company service team has been working directly with corporate clients and relocation agencies for over 30 years, arranging for furnished apartments for teams and individual employees. These contacts give you access to apartment seekers you would not otherwise reach.

How much service would you like? How much does it cost?

Decide how much service you need from us. We offer several service packages. Combine your package with our rent management service and you get free instalment payments. Find all information about our service packages here: rent out apartment

What kind of an temporary apartment can I offer?

City-Wohnen brokers furnished apartments for interim periods in Hamburg, mainly in the central districts or in locations with good transport connections. Only well-kept apartments with a nice, modern ambience and a fair price/performance ratio are successful in this market. Your apartment should be well equipped, clean, well maintained, and have a washing machine, TV and internet if possible. Apartments on the outskirts of Hamburg are less in demand. If those cases, good bus and train connections are essential.

You have more than one furnished apartment to offer?

City-Wohnen is not only partner for private lessors, but also offers complete service in the segment Long-Stay and Extended-Stay, for example for apartment houses, boarding houses or co-living apartments..

You can rely on the reliable and competent support of City-Wohnen for the brokering and marketing of a larger number of furnished apartments (or apartment buildings). With our many years of experience, we offer you continuous and experienced support. With our help, the housing market for temporary living in Hamburg is open to you.

What period is allowed for furnished rentals?

City-Wohnen specializes in furnished long-term rentals from 3 months. As these are not vacation rentals, a no housing protection number (Wohnraumschutznummer) is necessary. Likewise, these rentals do not violate the Housing Protection Act. Read more here: Rental period temporary housing

What counts as a furnished apartment?

Can an apartment be considered furnished if it has a fitted kitchen? Or a wardrobe? No. A furnished apartment has a complete set of furniture so that the future lessee can move, bringing only a toothbrush as it were, and no further purchases are needed. In general, the following items should be available:

  • Bed and bed linens
  • Sofa  
  • Table and chairs
  • Wardrobe, shelves or chest of drawers
  • Lamps
  • Washing machine
  • Complete kitchen equipment
  • TV
  • Internet connection
  • Curtains

Here you will find a detailed checklist of how to fit out your apartment: Furnishing an interim apartment

Where do I put my personal belongings during the rental period?

Before the new lessee moves in, it is advisable to remove personal items such as photos or clothing from the apartment. Some lessors omit one room in the apartment from the lease and use this room to store their personal belongings. However, this solution is not possible in smaller apartments, so these items should be stored either in the basement, with friends/family, or in a storage facility such as Boxie 24.

How does it work if I want to rent furnished?

First you choose a service package. Then you enter the apartment data in the registration form for renting. You can find the service packages and the registration form here: Rent out apartment

For a first impression, it is best to send us a few snapshots of the apartment. And preferably also the floor plan, which may also be a sketch. And if you happen to already have the energy certificate, we will be happy!

We will contact you immediately and discuss all details and the further process. We take the time to advise you in detail and collect all the information that is important for the mediation.

We create the perfect bilingual exposé

Not everyone creates a perfect description of the apartment. That is what we take care of. We know what is important and what information is relevant. We also translate the exposé in English for our international searchers.

Free photo session

Pictures say more than a thousand words. When you register your apartment with us, one of our photographers will contact you directly to arrange a free photo shoot. Depending on the apartment size, rental period, and service package, your free photos may include a 360° panoramic tour. To prepare for the photo session, we suggest reading our information about getting your apartment ready for its closeup. Read more about the free photo shoot

Mediation, marketing and apartment alert

We actively market and broker your furnished apartment. This means that your interim apartment is immediately advertised on the large internet portals. It also means we suggest your apartment to those apartment seekers already registered with City-Wohnen Hamburg whose profiles match your apartment. As a specialist for corporate clients and relocation agencies, we have a large base of regular customer.

Visitors to our website can create their own search profile and receive e-mail apartment alerts with the newest interim apartments. In order to request a viewing or a direct booking, however, apartment seekers must register directly with us.

Customized, active mediation

We don't just wait until someone is interested in your apartment. We get to business immediately. As soon as we have created your apartment description, we contact all matching apartment seekers, corporate clients, and relocation agencies who are already registered with us and are currently looking for an apartment.

Who will get in touch with me?

When your apartment is a good match with registered apartment seekers, you will receive an automatic notification that we have offered it to them. Either we will contact you afterwards, or the interested parties or their contact persons - which is often the case with corporate clients - will contact you personally.

What contact details will the apartment seekers receive from me?

You determine that yourself. Either City-Wohnen Hamburg makes the contact with you or we give out your contact data immediately. You can decide that!

How does a direct booking work?

After we have clarified all details with potential lessees, many of them decide to book an apartment without a viewing, as they cannot visit Hamburg for appointments. In this case, you will receive a booking request from us that you can confirm. As soon as both parties have agreed, we will arrange everything else and draw up the rental agreement for temporary living for you.

Read more: Visit or book

Who organizes viewings?

Viewings - if requested - are either carried out by yourself or by City-Wohnen, this depends on the service package you chose. We only conduct viewings in the central districts of Hamburg. In most cases, however, apartment inspections are not necessary if good photos and/or 360° panoramic images are available.

Can I exclude certain groups of clients?

No. As a temporary housing agency, we operate internationally and support all apartment seekers, regardless of nationality, faith, skin color, gender, or sexual orientation. Financial guarantees may, of course, be obtained in the case of a specific rental request.

You decide!

You decide who rents your apartment! If you wish, you may issue us a power of attorney and we can do this for you as well. We will then draw up the appropriate lease agreement and take care of the further steps.

Which lease agreement do I need for a furnished apartment in Hamburg?

When renting out your furnished apartment, it is very crudial that you and your lessee have a legally binding lease agreement. It is important that the lease agreement is individually tailored to the parties and the reason for renting or letting so that no disagreements can arise. No matter what, it is important that the rental agreement is individually tailored to the contract parties and includes the reason for the rental so that no disagreements can arise. We naturally offer an English translation for international renters so that misunderstandings can be avoided.

You may have a look at our information on the lease agreement here: Rental agreement for temporary living

You can sign your rental contract online with DocuSign. This is both convenient and legally secure. This eliminates all the hassle of printing, scanning, emailing and so on.

Peace of mind - rent out safely

Especially if you are renting out your apartment for a longer period of time, it may make sense to double check whether your lessee can afford the rent. For those apartments with the service packages plietsch or kommood, we will be happy to obtain a credit check - if possible - from Creditreform or SCHUFA. For the SCHUFA check, the consent of the lessee is required; we will take care of this.

Read more here: Renting and renting out a furnished apartment safely

Apartment handovers

If you want us to hand over the apartment for you, choose the kommood service package (this service is only available in the central districts of Hamburg). We hand over the keys for you and record the condition of the apartment at move in and move out. The property condition report and photo documentation are made available to both rental parties.

You certainly have the option of handing over of the apartment yourself. We’ve still got you covered! We gladly support you with templates and useful information.

Find all the information you need here: apartment handover

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