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From Eppendorf to Winterhude to Altona, there is something for everyone in Hamburg. Every district in the Hanseatic city is special in its own way, worth living in, and definitely worth a visit.


City-Wohnen’s City-guide to the different neighborhoods in Hamburg


One of Hamburg’s secrets is that its districts are like wonderful small towns making up a larger, unique city. Whether located close to the city center or a little further out, many Hamburg districts have their own small, charming town center with its own character and infrastructure. This has the added advantage of making the distances to the nearest supermarket, pharmacy or favorite restaurant short and manageable. Some neighborhoods have many oases of parks and waterways while others boast the urban advantages of culture, street life and peoplewatching. What they all have in common is the good transport connections. Please feel free to read through our district information and form your own picture.

With all these options, however, one starts to ask Which district suits me best? Where do I want to live? In our detailed district descriptions, we tell you everything you need to know about Hamburg's individual neighborhoods and hope to provide you with the answer to this question.


The well-developed public transport network and the many bicycle stations get you everywhere in the city easily so you can explore at your leisure.


Hamburg has over 70 neighborhoods. Curious about the Hamburg districts? Here are our descriptions.

What makes the individual Hamburg districts so unique? Let us tell you:

Those born in Hamburg love their city as a matter of course. Then there are those who come to Hamburg, planning to stay just for a while, and then never want to leave. What’s the attraction? There are other big cities in Germany and around the globe. Why does Hamburg have such charm?

Hamburg - a city on the waterfront

Boat watching

Come down to the harbor to see the ships come and go. There is quite a variety to check out: cargo ships, cruise ships, numerous ferries, small motorboats, and low-lying barges. We also have the Alster Lake right in the middle of the city. This gem is a playground for water enthusiasts of all kinds. On sunny days (yes, there are plenty of sunny days in Hamburg despite reports to the contrary), pedal boats, kayaks, and sailing boats cavort on the Alster. Those who prefer to stay on dry ground can still enjoy this unique image of the most beautiful city in the world from the shores.

Hamburg - a city with a lot of culture

Where The Beatles found their beat

John, Paul and George met Ringo in Hamburg’s notorious St. Pauli district. So they say, we don't know if this is true. Also called the Kiez or the Reeperbahn, St. Pauli is still home to hustle and bustle, music, bars and pubs ranging from chic to dingy. This district offers an infinite number of cultural offerings and restaurants to suit every taste and budget. St. Pauli is just one example. Almost all districts have their own special stories and anecdotes to tell, with celebrities or without. Exciting! Just go on a discovery tour!

Hamburg - a city with Hanseatic DNA - cosmopolitan to the core

Meet the modern members of the Hanseatic league, for whom a stiff breeze is the order of the day and driving rain is lovingly described as "high humidity." We also have a flourishing economy.... And if we feel we “must go down to the sea again,” we can be at the North or Baltic Sea in no time. Live and let live.

Hamburg - a green city

Green spaces galore

From the Niendorfer Gehege with the Hirschpark, the Hamburg Stadtpark with lake, swimming pool and planetarium, to Planten und Blomen with greenhouses and water features, to the Volkspark with tobogganing hill and forest, there are an enormous number of possibilities to get back to nature in Hamburg.

How to find the right neighbourhood clusters with City-Wohnen's search engine?

The neighborhoods in Hamburg can also be viewed as clusters or larger regions (some of the regions overlap). If your apartment search in just one or two districts doesn’t get enough results, simply expand your search to include the region. Public transportation (the HVV) is very well networked in Hamburg. Even if you live on the periphery, it usually won’t take very long to get to the city center. Want to check the connection? In each exposé you’ll find buttons which take you to Google Maps and the public transportation website.

Central Hamburg

Apartments in the downtown area | all districts around the Alster Lake | centrally located districts

Altona, Alsterdorf, Altstadt, Barmbek, Bahrenfeld, Borgfelde, City-Nord, Eimsbüttel, Eilbek, Eppendorf, Flottbek, Groß Flottbek, Groß Borstel, HafenCity, Hamm, Hammerbrook, Harvestehude, Hoheluft, Hohenfelde, Karoviertel, Karo Viertel, Klostertor, Lokstedt, Neustadt, Niendorf, Othmarschen, Ottensen, Pöseldorf, Rotherbaum, Rothenburgsort, Schnelsen, St.Georg, St.Pauli, Stellingen, Sternschanze, Uhlenhorst, Veddel, Wilhelmsburg, Winterhude


Hamburg West

Apartments west of the Alster Lake, from downtown to Blankenese as well as the western suburbs

Altona, Altstadt, Bahrenfeld, Blankenese, Eppendorf, Eidelstedt, Eimsbüttel, Eppendorf, Finkenwerder, Flottbek, Groß Flottbek, Harvestehude, Hoheluft, Iserbrook, Karo Viertel, Lokstedt, Lurup, Neustadt, Niendorf, Nienstedten, Osdorf, Othmarschen, Ottensen, Pinneberg, Pöseldorf, Rellingen, Rissen, Rotherbaum, Schenefeld, Schnelsen, St.Pauli, Stellingen, Sternschanze, Sülldorf und Wedel


Hamburg East

Apartments in eastern districts, beginning in Hamm and including eastern suburbs

Allermöhe, Ahrensburg, Barmbek, Barmbek-Nord, Barmbek-Süd, Bergedorf, Bergstedt, Berne, Billbrook, Billstedt, Billwerder, Bramfeld, Dulsberg, Duvenstedt, Farmsen, Farmsen-Berne, Eilbek, Groß Borstel, Hamm, Hammerbrook, Hohenfelde, Horn, Hummelsbüttel, Jenfeld, Klostertor, Kirchwerder, Lemsahl-Mell., Lohbrügge, Marienthal, Ohlsdorf, Rahlstedt, Reinbek, Rothenburgsort, St.Georg, Steilshoop, Tonndorf, Uhlenhorst, Volksdorf, Wandsbek, Winterhude, Wohltorf-Ohlstedt


Hamburg North

Apartments from downtown to the northern districts plus suburbs north of Hamburg

Alsterdorf, Ahrensburg, Barmbek, Bahrenfeld, Bergstedt, Berne, Billbrook, Billstedt, Billwerder, Blankenese, Bramfeld, City-Nord, Dulsberg, Duvenstedt, Eppendorf, Eidelstedt, Eimsbüttel, Farmsen, Farmsen-Berne, Eilbek, Flottbek, Fuhlsbüttel, Groß Borstel, Halstenbek, Harvestehude, Hoheluft, Hohenfelde, Hummelsbüttel, Langenhorn, Lemsahl-Mellingstedt, Lokstedt, Lurup, Marienthal, Neustadt, Niendorf, Norderstedt, Ohlsdorf, Pinneberg, Poppenbüttel, Rellingen, Rotherbaum, Sasel, Schnelsen, Steilshoop, Sternschanze, Volksdorf, Wandsbek, Wellingsbüttel, Winterhude, Wohltorf-Ohlstedt


Hamburg South

Apartments south of the Elbe River

Allermöhe, Bergedorf, Billwerder, Finkenwerder, HafenCity, Harburg, Heimfeld, Jenfeld, Kirchwerder, Lohbrügge, Neuallermöhe, Neugraben, Neugraben-Fischbek, Seevetal, Veddel und Wilhelmsburg

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