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As in all German cities, there are rules for registering as a resident in Hamburg. You may have questions such as who is exempt from this registration requirement? How does one get the required confirmation (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) to register? We have these answers and other helpful information about registering in Hamburg.


Who provides lessees with the housing-provider-confirmation?


In general, when you move to Hamburg for a longer period, you are obliged to register within two weeks after moving in. In order for the lessee to meet this registration deadline with the authorities, the confirmation of housing must be provided in good time. This is the responsibility of the lessor. However, there are a few exceptions for temporary stays, as you can read below.

For apartments with the service packages plietsch or kommood, we prepare a housing provider confirmation that only needs to be signed by your lessor. This is an extra little service of ours for you!

Exceptions to the obligation to register in Hamburg

Registering your address in Hamburg is not necessary for the time being if you are already registered in Germany and are renting an interim apartment for less than six months. For people who do not have a registered address in Germany, this period is shorter and applies to a rental contract of three months.

When is a confirmation from my lessor necessary?

Lessors must confirm the move-in of a lessee for the residence registration with the local government (Federal Registration Act). Renting a furnished apartment is no exception. The lessor must issue and sign the confirmation of rental in time to meet the registration deadline of two weeks.

Does City-Wohnen provide a confirmation of rental?

It depends on the service package your lessor chose. If your lessor has the service package plietsch or kommood, we will prepare a confirmation of rental. Lessees receive this with their lease agreement, and it just needs to be signed by the landlord or the landlady. We do want to mention that some district offices prefer the form provided by the city of Hamburg (available online at hamburg.de).

What happens if the confirmation of rental is not issued?

Lessors have an obligation to cooperate. A fine of up to € 1000,- may be imposed. If false statements are made, there is even a fine of up to € 50.000,-.

May the registration office request information?

Yes, they may. Upon request by the authorities, lessors must provide information about who lives or has lived in their apartment, the dates when they moved in and, if applicable, when they moved out.

What is the purpose of this regulation?

The purpose is to align registration law nationwide, simplify or unify administrative procedures, and reduce bureaucratic costs. These lessor confirmations should also make it easier to detect false registrations.

Do I need to de-register, i.e. inform the authorities when I move out of the apartment?

In some cases, it is necessary to de-register. It is not required to confirm that you have moved out of an apartment if you move into a new apartment in Germany. However, if you are moving abroad or want to de-register a secondary residence, you must de-register. There is a period of 2 weeks after moving out, or you can deregister at the earliest one week before you move.

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