Professional photoshoot for furnished rentals

High quality design kitchen in a furnished apartment from City-Wohnen Hamburg

A picture says more than a thousand words. First impressions are the basis of many decisions. Compelling, professional photos are a must-have for mediating your apartment successfully. As soon as you commission us to broker your furnished apartment, we commission our photographers.


Save time with good photos of your furnished apartment


A good photo presentation saves time. The photos give prospective lessees a lot of information about your apartment, so there is genuine interest from the start. This avoids time-consuming and unnecessary viewing appointments. Ideally, your furnished apartment can be booked immediately and without viewing appointments thanks to the good pictures.

The first time you commission us to offer your apartment, you will receive a free professional photo shoot from us. You are welcome to send us your own pictures to give our agency first impression. If you have been offering your apartment with City-Wohnen for some time and your pictures are a little older, we will discuss with you whether new pictures would be useful.

Preparing for the photo shoot

  • At the photo shoot, the apartment should look as it will during the rental. Later changes only lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Please let us know if you want to make any changes.
  • Clear away personal things in advance and do a thorough tidy up. Especially if we are taking 360° shots, the camera will get every corner of your apartment!
  • Bring a breath of fresh air into your apartment with fresh flowers, beautiful towels or discreet decorative elements. Small investments often pay off.
  • Is the apartment currently rented? Then inform your lessee about the upcoming photo shoot. Even if it is rented, your apartment photos should be beautiful and characteristic of the place.

When is the photographer coming?

As soon as your furnished apartment is registered with us, we will commission our photographers. They will arrange a binding photo appointment with you as soon as possible. Your apartment can only be photographed during the day with good daylight.

Styling and homestaging

A photographer... takes pictures!!! Please remember that our photographers are not hired for styling or homestaging. Rearranging furniture is not part of the job either. It is important to make sure that the furnished apartment is completely ready for the photo shoot. If we are taking 360° shots of your apartment, there is no possibility to move things around during the photo shoot.

How long does the photo appointment last?

  • As a rule, you do not have to plan very much time for the appointment. However, we cannot give you an exact duration. (It depends on the size, the light conditions etc.)
  • 360° shots take a little more time! The camera has to be positioned in different places and then rotates in all directions to create the 3D images.
  • If you are unable to make an appointment, please cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment.
  • Information about renting is only available from us. Our photographers cannot give any information here.

Where do the pictures appear?

The photos are presented on our website, on all real estate portals on the internet, or on our social media channels. Indications as to the address are avoided and images of the surrounding area are faded out.
When will the pictures be online?

That happens quite quickly. About two days after the photo session, the pictures are edited and uploaded. Sometimes this goes even faster. You will immediately receive a message from us with a link to the pictures.

Which pictures are shown?

As soon as we have the professional pictures, our team makes a selection. We determine the starting picture, and any existing pictures are irrevocably deleted. A mix of old and new pictures is usually not possible. In order to ensure that our customers can reliably compare all apartments, this procedure is standardized.


The copyright of the pictures remains the property of City-Wohnen Hamburg.

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