Living in the district of Hamburg-HafenCity


<h2>Temporary housing in Hamburg-HafenCity, how is living here?</h2>


Modern glass facades, 17-story towers, luxury apartments with views of the river, and the beautiful, historical red-brick Speicherstadt peeking through the buildings. In the last few years, a completely new district has emerged right downtown. Its combination of tradition, modernity and the maritime gives it a very special character. Life in the HafenCity is characterized by the mixture of office and residential use, retail, leisure, dining out, and culture. The generous, open design of the outdoor spaces (Vasco da Gama-Platz and Magellan-Terrassen) and the use of the canals (museum harbor and marina) is especially good for families with children. Another unique feature is that the total area, except for the promenades, was raised to about 8 feet above the normal level of the river.

HafenCity – Hamburg builds a brand new district! In the heart of Hamburg, between the historic Speicherstadt and the Elbe and just 800 meters from the town hall (Rathaus), the new district expands the city center by 40%. The HafenCity is Europe’s largest inner-city quarter currently under construction. A mixture of living, working, leisure and tourism will enliven the entire district.

Short profile Hamburg-HafenCity

  • super close to the Speicherstadt, Neustadt, downtown and the central train station
  • modern architecture
  • cosmopolitan flair and business feeling
  • home to universities and many large companies as well as established Hamburg businesses
  • marvel at large ships in the harbor and stroll around the Marco-Polo-Terrassen
  • Elbphilharmonie – THE Hamburg concert hall
  • many good restaurants and bistros
  • Der.Die.Sein. A weekly market with stalls run exclusively by local designers. Located in the Unilever Haus, you can shop or search for inspiration in any weather.
  • the best place in town for Happy Hour!
  • bus number 111 is an insider tip for tourists. The route covers the HafenCity, the Reeperbahn the Große Elbstraße and up to Altona. It’s a great way to see the harbor area.

Cosmopolitan and modern

Many names in the HafenCity bear witness to Hamburg’s cosmopolitanism. You’ll find, among others, the Shanghai-Brücke and Hongkongstraße. City-Wohnen Hamburg has already brokered several apartments in absolute dream locations. Don’t get the idea that the apartments in the HafenCity are exclusively high-end. A number of building cooperatives chose the HafenCity for their new home.

Our “Elphie”

The absolute highlight in Hafencity is the Elbphilharmonie. After years of construction, it finally opened in 2017. The citizens of Hamburger are incredibly proud of their “Elphie,” and rightly so. The unique architecture is unmistakable. Not only is the modern concert hall built on top of a historic warehouse, but the roof is a work of art in itself. It is wave-shaped and made of glass, so it reflects Hamburg’s water and sky.

Go up to visit the public plaza and enjoy the wonderful view of the harbor with all its attractions. You could attend one of the many performances in the Elbphilharmonie and hear the unique acoustics of the event halls for yourself.


Along with the Speicherstadt warehouse district, HafenCity also offers cultural and recreational fun. Museums such as the Peter Tamm Museum (Maritime), the miniature railway, the Hamburg Dungeon and the museum harbor are tourist magnet

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