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About us - the agencies of City-Wohnen in Hamburg and Berlin

Furnished apartments for extended stay

city-wohnen in berlin and hamburg

Berlin and Hamburg, two of the largest cities in Germany. Each is a focal point for business, media, and institutions of higher learning and research. The capital Berlin. In Hamburg there is also the seaport, largest in Germany. These are global, international cities for people on the go. The demand for interim housing remains very high.

two agencies for temporary accommodations - one City-Wohnen

In 2006, City-Wohnen GmbH Germany (cwd) was founded, but our roots go back to the 80s and 90s when we were still popularizing interim furnished apartments. We were and are two separate agencies: City-Wohnen Berlin and City-Wohnen Hamburg. Together we are one: City-Wohnen Deutschland.

what are short-term furnished rentals?

Using City-Wohnen’s service, you can rent or rent out a furnished apartment in Berlin or Hamburg for a minimum period of a few months. Longer rentals are possible, but the apartments are always furnished. We do not offer vacation or tourist accommodations.

checking and organizing – That’s our job

The local City-Wohnen teams carefully check and photograph all apartments we offer. We write all of the exposés and digitalize the floor plans. We take care of the entire organization from marketing and consulting with our clients to drawing up the lease or to the apartment handover.

agencies with real human beings!

We are responsive, local agencies and not an anonymous, logarithm-controlled advertising portal. With us there are no obsolete exposés or poorly-managed calendars. We live and work in Berlin and Hamburg, and we know (and love) our cities. Our teams take care of landlords, corporate clients, relocation agents, and anyone else who wants to find or rent out a furnished apartment temporarily. We like what we do, and we are looking forward to helping you.

our networks

Quality and standards - we like to develop these together with our colleagues. We  network nationwide with the largest and leading agencies for furnished temporary accommodations: our networks


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