Living in Barmbek

Red brick buildings in the Hamburg-Barmbek district - Furnished apartments by City-Wohnen

If you walk through the streets of Barmbek, you’ll meet friendly, uncomplicated folks. There is no trace of jet-setters and superficiality here. Down-to-earth residents of all ages share the former working-class neighborhood and live in its unaffected red-brick buildings.

Many of the buildings in Barmbek were destroyed in the Second World War and rebuilt in the post-war years. Historical markers on some of the buildings remain as reminders of the past. Today the traditional working class district Barmbek is divided in two areas: Barmbek Süd and Barmbek Nord. The characteristic architectural style is red brick. In the southern part, where the district borders on Uhlenhorst, you may find some beautiful old Art Nouveau buildings. Lovers of modern architecture will enjoy looking around the northern part of the neighborhood.

Barmbek-Nord and Barmbek-Süd are very different from one another. The Fuhlsbüttler Straße, or “Fuhle” as it is called, connects the two parts. The road is an important north-south connection. Numerous shops line the street and enliven the urban space. In Barmbek-Nord in particular, some construction projects have been recently implemented and residents can enjoy modern waterfront living.

Short profile Hamburg-Barmbek

  • Colorful and relaxed
  • A mix of tradition and modern
  • Many post-war brick building, some historical townhouses, and modern buildings
  • Many special exhibitions at the Museum der Arbeit
  • Fun flea market for treasure hunting located at Trude-Platz
  • Sports and relaxation in the beautiful Stadtpark
  • Open-air concerts all summer in the Stadtpark
  • Many small shops on the main street (referred to by locals as ”Die Fuhle”)
  • Chain stores and brand names available at the Mundsburg Center shopping mall
  • Many different fitness studios located in the neighborhood
  • Near the Alster (Barmbek Süd)
  • Near the airport (Barmbek Nord)

Colorful shopping on the “fuhle”

Turkish greengrocers, Asian specialties, bakeries, snack shops and restaurants. On the Fuhlsbüttlerstraße (affectionately called "Fuhle" by the locals), you’ll find everything you need for your daily needs. There is also a shopping mall nearby, the "Hamburger Meile" which has many fashion shops.

If you like a slower pace, head to Mozartstraße where there are many smaller grocery stores with bread, sausages, fruits and delicacies. There is also a small farmer’s market directly by the Zinnschmelze (twice a week). Overall, prices in Barmbek are affordable to low.


An ensemble of buildings from Barmbek’s industrial era now accommodates a cultural center with for a museum about the history of work (Museum der Arbeit), the culture center Zinnschmelze, and T.R.U.D.E. restaurant. Grouped around a large square where events occasionally take place and located on the canal near a landing stage for Alster tour boats, the location makes a visit worthwhile. T.R.U.D.E. is the German abbreviation for DEEP DOWN UNDER THE ELBE, so Trude has become the nickname of the massive drill used to dig the most recent extension of the tunnel under the Elbe river. The drill now stands in the square in front of the museum. No other neighborhood in Hamburg is more fitting than Barmbek as the home for a museum about the history of work, the Museum der Arbeit. Fitting perfectly with the history of the district, it hosts temporary exhibitions all relating to work.

Leisure in barmbek

Lovely walking and jogging trails can be found in the nearby Stadtpark. In the summertime, there is a lot of competition for a picnic spot! People come from all over Hamburg to enjoy the sun, set up a grill, or cool off in the lake (Stadtparksee). Hamburg’s Planetarium is located in the park and is worth a visit.

The Alster canals which also flow through Barmbek are very popular in the summer and their banks are lovely for a picnic.

Barmbek offers a small choice of restaurants from simple to fine dining. You can enjoy a good meal in Restaurant T.R.U.D.E. (the German acronym for “down deep into the earth”). The restaurant takes its name from the huge drill used to dig the Elbe tunnel, which was the largest in the world at the time. In the summer, you can have a cocktail in the courtyard and enjoy the view of the Osterbekkanal.

Public transport

Barmbek offers optimal public transport connections via the S1 / S11, the U3 and various bus lines. You can reach downtown in about 15 minutes. Should you want to visit another city or go abroad, it is just 10 minutes by S-Bahn to Hamburg Airport.

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