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Formalities and securities

We will provide you with a confirmation form for your new address to submit to the registration office. Your lessor just has to sign it.

Registration form for tenants

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Confirmation for submission to the registration office (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)

Once you have moved into your new temporary home, you must register your new address with the registration office within two weeks. However, if you are already registered in Germany and intend to stay in this apartment for less than six months, then registration is not necessary for the time being. If your address in another country, you are obliged to register your German address at the latest after a period of three months.

We will provide you with the necessary confirmation of rental form together with the lease agreement. Your lessor need only sign it.

Second residence and tax-deductible costs

If you use the furnished apartment in Hamburg as a second residence, for example because you have to commute for work, you can deduct all costs for the second residence from your taxes as per the tax regulations for maintaining two households. The precondition is that there are work reasons for the second residence and that the second home is "less than half as far" from the workplace than the main residence. Otherwise, it is not relevant whether the apartment is necessary or appropriate.

You cannot claim relocation costs on your taxes if the secondary residence is rented for work and you are not relocating the center of your life.

Broadcast fees

Every household in Germany must pay broadcast fees (Rundfunkbeitrag). It does not matter how many people live in the household or whether devices (TV, radio, computer) are available or used. Usually this fee is included in the rent, and the broadcast fee number is listed in the lease agreement. If no broadcast fee has been paid for your apartment, you must register the household and pay the fee yourself.


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