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How do I get the keys of my new temporary home?

Finally at home! FAQ

The lease is signed; the first month’s rent and deposit have been paid; now you can move in to your new furnished apartment! What happens next?

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Moving in

You generally get the keys directly from the lessor. The key handover occasionally takes place at our office.

Handover of the apartment

If you booked your apartment and haven’t yet seen it in person, you will usually meet your lessor, at the latest, when you move in to the apartment. You will be shown everything, any questions can be answered and a handover protocol is created. If the lessor cannot be present, someone from City-Wohnen Hamburg will often be there. We then create the handover protocol which is checked when you move out.

Just like home

Make yourself at home in your temporary apartment. This also means taking care of the apartment as if it were your own. Behave as you would in your own home or as you yourself would wish a lessee of yours to behave. Keep in mind that your lessor has left his personal belongings and furnishings for you to use, and he would like get these back in the same condition at the end of the rental.

Having guests?

You may receive visitors as long as it is indeed a visit and not an unofficial roommate. This means that a few nights or maybe a week are allowed, but anything longer should better be discussed with your lessor. Of course you are responsible for your visitors. If your visitor wants to bring a pet although animals are not allowed in your apartment, please clarify in advance with your landlord or landlady.

Non-smoking apartments

Please respect this if your apartment is advertised as non-smoking. Even if you have visitors, smoking is not allowed in the apartment. The cost for restoring an apartment to non-smoking status can be very high and will be charged to you.


If pets are not allowed in your interim apartment, you may not bring any animals into the apartment later. This also applies to guests’ pets!

Cleaning the apartment

Maintain your interim apartment as if it were your own. If you will be living in the apartment for a long time, it is perhaps useful to hire a cleaner who comes weekly. Many lessors can recommend their own cleaner.

Altering the apartment

Leave your temporary home as you found it at the beginning of the rental. If you want any changes, get approval in writing from your lessor, so there is no trouble when you move out.

Questions during the rental period?

The contact person for questions about the apartment is your landlady or landlord. If they cannot take care of something themselves, a representative of the lessor is usually noted on the first page of your lease agreement for interim living.

Moving out

Whenever your lease agreement expires, there is a lot to settle. The apartment handover takes place on the last day. Usually, the inspection is done during the morning – either by your lessor directly or someone from City-Wohnen.

The final cleaning must be organized, discuss this with your lessor in time. It is stated within your lease agreement how the final cleaning is settled. Read more about cleaning interim apartments.

Provided that everything is alright and there are no outstanding costs, the deposit will be paid back to you.


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