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Rent an interim furnished apartment in Hamburg through City-Wohnen

You already found your dream apartment on our website? Or would you like us to suggest suitable apartments? Either way, simply register for our service quickly and free of charge We look forward to hearing from you!

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One agency! One team! For and with people!

City-Wohnen is an agency for temporary living in Hamburg. We have specialized in furnished living in Hamburg for more than thirty years. Since 1987 our team stands for a personal and individual mediation. Whether you are looking for a small apartment in the city center, a large family home in the countryside or a modern loft, we will actively support you in finding your temporary home in Hamburg. This way you can move into your new temporary home quickly and without complications.

Perfect for those who make up their minds quickly: With us, you can decide whether you want to visit your dream apartment in Hamburg in advance or book it immediately.



Simply register for freee via our registration form for tenants. Is a balcony particularly important to you, or is a bathtub an absolute “must have”? The more precisely you describe your dream apartment to us, the easier it will be for us to find it for you.

Renting furnished apartments in Hamburg from the local experts

City-Wohnen is directly on site in Hamburg, our office is located directly in the beautiful, lively district Hamburg-Ottensen. We know Hamburg's neighborhoods very well and are happy to share our know-how with you. Support the locals! Here you can find our district descriptions.

Checked furnished apartments

When we get a new furnished apartment, we check its quality and always keep that data up to date. City-Wohnen takes care of photos, 360°  panoramic photos, floor plans and exposés. Many of our lessors have worked with City-Wohnen reliable for decades.

Lots of good reasons to rent furnished

Many people come to Hamburg for a new job, a project, or training. Usually they can't take care of finding and furnishing a new apartment right away. This is especially true for people moving to Hamburg from abroad. Many also want to get to know Hamburg better before they commit themselves to a district, or need the apartment only temporarily. Or would like to wait for the probationary period at the new job.

For the first months, a temporary home is the perfect solution for getting a foothold in your new city. In addition, a temporary home is much cheaper than a vacation apartment, a boarding house, or a hotel.

Who actually rents out a furnished apartment?

Many people rent out their own apartment because they themselves will be working elsewhere for a longer period of time or are going abroad. These apartments often have a very individual and charming character.

Professional lessors often offer several apartments or apartment houses. These apartments are usually neutral and modern, but there is less individuality in the furnishings. Often an additional service can be booked here, e.g. a laundry or cleaning service.

How quickly can I rent an interim apartment in Hamburg?

That depends on how decisive you are. Would you like to book immediately or visit beforehand? If, for example, you register with us in the morning with a concrete booking request, you can very probably sign the lease agreement for interim living on the same day. If you would like to view apartments, it may take a little time until those appointments are made.



Just sit back and enjoy our service. You immediately will receive apartment proposals from us. All apartments are known to us and have been photographed by City-Wohnen. We are always available with advice and assistance because our first priority is you knowing you are in good hands.

How long can I rent a furnished apartment?

The City of Hamburg permits temporary housing from generally three months. This makes temporary living quite different from the rental of vacation apartments. The details can be found in the apartment description.

How many people are allowed?

The apartments are equipped for a certain number of people and the utility costs are calculated accordingly. You can find the details in the apartment description. An apartment offered for two people may not be occupied by four people. Children are also counted as a person.

Are pets allowed?

You can see if pets are allowed in the apartment description. If you would like to bring a pet, please let us know so that we can suggest fitting apartments. Unfortunately, finding an apartment with a cat or dog is not quite as easy. It is helpful if your favorite pet already has liability insurance, as this is usually assumed as a condition.

How are the apartments furnished?

Our apartments are always fully equipped. What exactly is available, you can see perfectly from the photos and exposés. Please keep in mind that many lessors offer their own personal apartments, so there is heart and soul in the apartment. Every furnished apartment has its own character, and that is also the charm!

Are there bed linens and dishes?

Dishes and cooking equipment are always available, but the equipment varies greatly from apartment to apartment. Duvets and duvet covers are usually provided, but not always. Check the exposé beforehand or ask us.

Is there internet?

You can see whether there is an internet connection or wifi in the apartment description, but this is usually the case. In the few cases where there is no internet, it may be worthwhile to get a short-term internet contract.

Rent and costs of a furnished apartment

All rents are generally quoted as all-inclusive. This means that all utility costs such as water, electricity and heating are already included and will not be invoiced later. Exceptions will be listed in the exposé or will be discussed with you before signing the lease.

Every apartment in Germany must pay a broadcasting fee. It does not matter how many people live in the apartment and whether devices are present or used. In most cases, this fee is included in the rent. If no broadcasting fee is paid for your apartment yet, you have to register yourself.

As per law, our service is free of charge for you.

Corporate clients and relocation agencies

Your company is expanding and looking for apartments for new employees? No problem, we are happy to help! Are you a relocation agent and would like to leave the apartment search to City-Wohnen? With pleasure! We know what we're doing. Our experienced company service team will personally assist you and ensure that the lease agreement is signed, sealed and delivered quickly. You are also welcome to register directly with our company service:

firmenservice @ oder +49(40) 284 185 55



Did you find your dream apartment? As soon as we have found the perfect apartment for you, we will draw up the legally-secure interim living lease agreement that fits you. If your lessor has booked the plietsch or kommood service package, you will also receive a housing provider confirmation from us free of charge. Here, too, you can rely on our extensive know-how. We know what matters.

View an apartment or book immediately?

Many furnished apartments can be booked immediately. This is handy if you are not in town. We get the OK from the lessor and arrange everything else. If you prefer to view the apartment beforehand, this is not a problem, except for a few exceptions. Either someone from City-Wohnen will come with you to the viewing or the lessor will be there. This depends on the service package the lessor has chosen.

Keep in mind that organizing a viewing takes a lot of time and the apartment can not be reserved for you. The one who decides first can rent the apartment immediately. In addition, our accurate photos and exposé make a visit unnecessary in most cases.

Who decides whether I can rent the apartment?

Usually the lessors decide whether you can rent the apartment. They often ask for securities such as a self-disclosure, a proof of income, or a credit check (SCHUFA or Crefo).

Interim lease agreement and confirmation of rental

As soon as you have decided on your dream apartment and the lessor agrees, we will draw up a legally-binding lease agreement for interim living for you. Now you can plan your move to Hamburg in peace!

You may need or want to register your address with the Hamburg registration office. Please find here our information about the 'Wohnungsgeberbestätigung` of your lessor: confirmation of rental.



Now you can get excited about your interim home! Once all the formalities have been taken care of, the motto is “full speed ahead!” The apartment handover will be carried out either by City-Wohnen’s field service or directly by your lessor. Nothing more stands in the way of moving into your temporary home. Welcome to Hamburg!

Apartment handover

The handover of the apartment will be scheduled after you have transferred the first rent and the deposit. At the apartment handover, you will receive the keys and inspect the apartment together with the person handing it over to you.

Here you can find our information about the apartment handover.


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