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Preparing a warm welcome pays off

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You’d like to prepare a warm welcome? Great idea! The apartment is sparkling clean? Perfect! Your new lessee will appreciate receiving some helpful information.

Slippers for the lessors - Preparation for renting a furnished apartment - City-Wohnen Hamburg

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Once the lease agreement has been signed and all other formalities have been taken care of, your lessee is looking forward to his or her new temporary home in Hamburg. Most people are in a stressful phase right now. They have to adjust to a new job, a new city, and sometimes to a new country for the first time. As a lessor, you can help get things off to a good start. A warm, personal welcome usually ensures a good relationship during the rental period.

C`est le ton, qui fait la musique

Or as they say in English, “It’s not what you say but how you say it.” Little gestures such as a small bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine for the first evening, or a nice note with a piece of chocolate are highly recommended. Especially if you have not met the lessor in person, this creates a warm, personal touch.

When is the trash pick-up? Note it in our handout form

If someone is staying in an apartment for a few months or even longer, they have to take care of the household. Your lessees will have questions such as “When is the trash pick-up? Do I have to separate recyclables? Where is a good place to go shopping? Is there a weekly farmer’s market? Are there nice restaurants nearby?” You can write all this information down in our handout template and put it in the apartment or send it by email. We will provide you with the handout form as soon as we have found a lessee for your apartment.

Hand over your apartment spotlessly cleaned

Hand over your apartment spotlessly cleaned and in a good overall condition. This sets the standard for your lessee to follow and treat the apartment with care. If you decide to take a laid-back approach, this can result either in complaints at the beginning of the rental, or perhaps in payback upon move-out, when you discover your apartment was not maintained as you would perhaps like.

Initial supplies for daily needs

Make sure there are a few basics for the first few days such as toilet paper, garbage bags, and dishwashing liquid. This will simplify the start in the new home!


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