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What criteria play a role when renting out a temporary apartment?

Leasing potential

Take a tip from us... If you have many special wishes, it will be difficult to find fitting lessees.

Besides, things have a habit of turning out differently than you expect

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How high is the leasing potential of my furnished apartment?

If you want to rent out your furnished apartment, the letting potential depends on many factors. The market situation changes monthly and is closely linked to the economic situation in Hamburg. With corporate customers in particular, requests for apartments often come in seasonally. In principle, apartments in top condition with modern equipment (TV, washing machine, internet), a good price-performance ratio, and in a good location can be easily brokered.

Fair price performance ratio

A fair price-performance ratio is the first consideration. Those who throw together some mismatched furniture and add a small tube television set while expecting a juicy rent do themselves no favors and will not find prospective lessees quickly. If the apartment is well and completely equipped, the ambience is nice and modern, and if the price is right, we will quickly find a suitable lessee. You can find our tips for furnishing an apartment here.

The location of the apartment is relevant

Sure, many lessees would like to live in the middle of the city. Central and lively districts such as Eimsbüttel, Eppendorf and Ottensen are trendy and attract many potential lessees. However, furnished apartments located in other districts that have a good price-performance ratio are also in demand. An optimal connection to the public transportation network is always relevant. We only broker apartments within central Hamburg. In the case of apartments located in suburbs on the outskirts of Hamburg, we occasionally make exceptions if the transport connections are very good.

Demand for apartment buildings

Larger companies or relocation agencies sometimes have to find accommodations for many employees at one time. If you offer your apartment building through City-Wohnen, a good occupancy rate and a routine procedure is guaranteed. Let us make it easy for you!

Flexible period, from three months

Our prospective lessees are predominantly employed and usually come to Hamburg for a new job. That means Hamburg is new, the job is new, and the lessee has a probationary period. Many lessees rent the furnished apartment for the time being to bridge the gap, often for three months or longer with an extension option. If you would like to rent your furnished apartment for a long, fixed period - for example a year - it will be difficult to find someone for you. Most of the time, nobody can or wants to commit themselves for that long. However, we know from experience that many lessees like to extend their lease.

Too many conditions?

Those who have too many conditions will have difficulty finding lessees. We suggest you keep an open mind and do not make too many demands right at the beginning. Things have a habit of turning out differently than you expect.

What do you do if nobody is interested in the apartment?

We have an eye on your furnished apartment and the market situation in Hamburg. If nothing is happening, we will be happy to advise you about other possibilities to let your apartment more quickly. Bear in mind, however, that the most significant factor remains quite simply the rent.


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