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What is the best way to fit out a furnished apartment?

Furnishing an apartment

Our experienced team says:

In order for us to be able to quickly broker your furnished apartment, it is best if you ensure that the apartment is furnished as attractively as possible. Your apartment is a real, albeit temporary, home for the occupants. Even if they stay for just a few months, they want a cozy atmosphere.


How should I equip my apartment for temporary rentals?

We are often asked how to fit out a furnished apartment. What basic equipment is important? What interior decoration style is in demand?

Our response is to put yourself in the occupant’s shoes. Imagine you have to change your place of residence for a few months due to work: What kind of temporary home would you wish for? Most people cannot take much more than a suitcase and carry-on bag with them, so when you move in, you are happy if everything you need is available. Fresh bed linens and towels at the ready, for example, are very welcome.

We have compiled some information for you here. In addition, we have a small checklist for the basic equipment for you.

The basics of furnishing your apartment

TV, washing machine, (fast) internet, and a reasonable bed (preferably 160 cm wide) with a good mattress are part of the basic equipment. The kitchen should be fully and comfortably equipped, and, if possible, should have four burners and an oven. A comfortable sofa is also a pleasure for everyone. Household and kitchen apppliances should not be missing either. Apart from that, the apartment should naturally be clean and well maintained.

Ambience and flair

Individuality is in demand. Your lessee wants to feel at home. If you decide to re-fit out your apartment and have the choice, we suggest you go for a simple, modern, yet individual style. Give your apartment that certain something. You can achieve this with pictures, lighting, colors and beautiful details. Vintage pieces are also well received, but be careful not to go overboard. Few people like to feel like they live in an antique store or amidst clashing colors and patterns.

Subtle, Nordic colors

A light, discreet and harmonious color scheme goes down better than a multi-colored apartment. With the right colors for walls and furniture, you can create that warmth and coziness that make your lessees feels at home. Of course, you can set color accents here and there. However, our experience is that the more upscale Nordic style of furnishing is very much in demand.

The furnishings do not have to be expensive

A simple but tastefully designed apartment can win over potential renters. It doesn't always have to be designer furniture. However, if you intend to rent the furnished apartment for a longer period of time, we recommend choosing higher quality furniture that does not fall apart after a month.

Good lighting is key

A few cozy reading lights here and there create a good atmosphere. You should also install good lamps by the bed. These small details often determine whether someone feels comfortable in the space you created. Checking all the lights before handing over the apartment and leaving some spare lightbulbs makes a good impression.

Make space

In order to make your apartment a real temporary home, it is better to remove your personal belongings and make room for your lessee’s things.

A place to lay your head

Some apartments have separate bedrooms, which is convenient for colleagues or families. If your apartment has only one bedroom, or only one room in total, you may consider buying a good sofa bed. A sofa bed is also practical for guests.

Bed linens and blankets

Offering bed linens and blankets increases the chances of finding a lessee. Many lessees arrive with only a suitcase and are happy about every comfort they find in the apartment.


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