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Information for landlords

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information for landlords


City-Wohnen Hamburg is an agency for furnished accommodation, and our entire team is at work for you. Customized solutions, made right here in Hamburg. Individual and personal. Since 1987.

The fastest and easiest way to offer your furnished apartment is by filling in our online form. We'll get back to you right away to discuss the final details.

What kind of an apartment can I offer?

In short: City-Wohnen Hamburg provides interim furnished apartments in Hamburg which are mainly located in the central parts of the city or in locations with good transportation links. Only well-maintained apartments with a nice, fashionable ambience are attractive to tenants. Your apartment should be well and fully equipped, clean and well maintained, and have a washing machine, TV and internet if possible. Only apartments with a fair price/performance ratio are attractive to renters.

What rental period can I offer?

You can offer your furnished apartment from a minimum of 2-3 months and we welcome offers which are available for a longer period of time.


Fill in online form

If you are offering your apartment with us for the first time, please fill in and send us the online form for landlords. We will check all data thoroughly with you and clarify any last questions. Then you’ll receive our confirmation with your exposé and lots of information about the procedure.

Photo shoot

Each furnished apartment is professionally photographed by City-Wohnen. Our photographer will contact you and agree on a time for the photo shoot. To ensure that the pictures of your furnished apartment come out well, your apartment should look tidy and welcoming (perhaps put out some fresh flowers?).


Many tenants are not in Hamburg and therefore cannot arrange a viewing. This makes a floorplan an important aid in decision-making. Send us your floorplan or a sketch by e-mail, and we will create a professional floorplan for you.

Mediating and marketing

Here we go! We are now actively marketing and offering your interim apartment to potential tenants. We also offer it immediately to all clients who are already registered with City-Wohnen. We specialize in corporate clients and relocation agencies.

Who will contact you?

If one of our registered clients is seriously interested in your apartment, you will automatically receive a message from us. Then either we or the prospective tenant will contact you. For corporate customers, a contact person at the company often takes care of the search for accommodation.

View or book immediately?

Many clients ask to view apartments, but many of our clients wish to book a furnished apartment directly. In this case, we will notify you. Once you give us the green light, we will take care of the rental agreement.


Once you and the potential tenant have come to an agreement, the rental contract can be completed. We’ll take care of all the formalities.

Lease Agreement

Once you have come to an agreement, we will draw up the lease agreement for you. There are three kinds of contracts which are used for temporary accommodation.

Landlord Confirmation of Rental

Registration of your renter with the local authorities will sometimes be required. Registration is not required if your tenant already has a registered an address in Germany and is moving into another apartment for a period of less than six months. The requirement to register this address as well as the 2-week time period to do this begins after six months. Read more about the landlord confirmation of rental.


Security for your rental begins with the fact that all our customers have to verify their identity and that we are personally in contact with them. We inform you automatically which clients have received your exposé, and we never give out your house number. Your tenant is automatically covered (up to one year) by liability insurance through City-Wohnen. Upon request, we also carry out a credit check if possible (SCHUFA or Creditreform).

Final cleaning

The final cleaning is usually organized by the landlord, charged according to time and effort, and deducted from the security deposit (unless another arrangement is stated in the lease).

How much service would you like? How much does it cost?

Since June 1, 2015, German law requires landlords to agent services. For furnished accommodation, this means that a successful mediation by our agency is paid by the landlord. You decide how much service you need from us. We offer two service packages: BASIC and COMFORT. Combine your package with our rental management and you get a 2% discount. If you offer more than 5 or 10 furnished apartments, we can offer you further discounts. Overview of the service packages.


furnished rentals ... safe and secure ...

  • special rental contract for temporary accommodation
  • automatic liability insurance for the property (up to one year)
  • credit check possible




Information for landlords

offering a furnished apartment in hamburg – how does it work?

You can offer your furnished apartment via our online form (tablet or PC). We'll get back to you to discuss the final details. Unfortunately, the online form is not available for mobile devices.

Offer an apartment?

City-Wohnen Hamburg provides temporary furnished apartments in Hamburg, mainly in the central districts. Only well-maintained apartments with a nice, modern atmosphere and a fair price / performance ratio are competitive. Your apartment should be well and fully equipped, clean and well-maintained and have a washing machine, TV and internet if possible.

What is the time frame?

  • 2 months: If you do not currently need your furnished apartment but will definitely return to the apartment, we are happy to look for a tenant. The availability should be at least two full months from the beginning to the end of the month.
  • 3 months: If you wish to offer the apartment repeatedly, it must be available for at least 3 full months, otherwise you may receive a warning from the authorities for the misappropriation of residential space.

What security do I have?

Your furnished apartment is automatically covered by liability insurance (up to one year). On request, we can carry out a credit check.

Lease agreement

Once you have come to an agreement, we will draw up a legally secure lease specifically for temporary accommodation.

More information?

You can find more information about interim housing in Hamburg on your PC or tablet!

Any other questions?

We look forward to hearing from you!


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