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Here you will find information about the hamburg districts

District Descriptions

Hamburg with anchor on wooden board - district descriptions of City-Wohnen Hamburg

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Native Hamburgers love their city as a matter of course. Then there are those who move here with the idea of living in Hamburg temporarily, but then they never want to leave. Why is that? Why does Hamburg hold such an attraction? Germany has other big cities, and there are metropolises across the world for that matter, so what makes Hamburg so unique? It is simple:

For one, we have our huge harbor

with impressive ships coming and going - cargo ships, cruise ships, busy ferries, small motorboats and traditional, low-to-the-water Barkassen. We also have the Alster lake. Located in the middle of the city, it is not just ornamental but a much-loved playground for water enthusiasts of all kinds. On sunny days (yes, we do get some in Hamburg, despite rumors to the contrary), pedal boats, kayaks and sailboats populate the Außenalster, an unmistakably idyllic scene from the most beautiful city in the world.

We have the notorious party district, a.k.a the Kiez,

with hustle, bustle and music as well as bars and pubs ranging from upscale to downright grungy. We have an abundance of green areas, a lot of culture on offer, restaurants to suit every taste and budget, and you have your choice of bars.

We have... Hanseatic cosmopolitans

for whom a stiff breeze is the order of the day and where the typical rainy weather is lovingly described as "high humidity"; a flourishing economy... and if we want to see a little more open water, then we can zip up to the North or Baltic Sea in no time.

And that's not all:

Every part of Hamburg is special, worth living in and definitely worth a visit. Regardless of whether you are close to the city center or a little further out, many districts have their own small, charming centers, each with its own character and infrastructure. This makes the distance to the nearest supermarket, pharmacy or favorite restaurant short. This way you have many small, wonderful villages within a unique metropolis. You can’t beat that.

Hamburg has over 70 districts.

Hamburg's districts vary. Some have a higher proportion of green spaces while others teem with culture, street life and people. What they all have in common is the good transport network. The extensive public transport system and the many bicycle stations make it possible to reach all parts of the city easily and to explore at your leisure.

These descriptions offer a first impression of the most central districts that tend to be the most popular with people looking for furnished apartments.


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