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Formalities & Security

information for tenants

good to know about formalities

When you rent an interim apartment, you are not a holiday guest, not a tourist, but a tenant with rights and responsibilities.

Liability insurance

For rental periods up to one year, you automatically receive free liability insurance for apartments leased through City-Wohnen. We offer this insurance as a service, as many insurance policies do not cover damages to rental inventory.

Data security

The personal information that you entrust to us is safe and will not be disclosed to third parties. Only the landlord, whose contact information you have received from us, gets your name so that he knows who will be contacting him. Our website is SSL-secured.

Secondary residence and deductible costs

Some tenants, for example if they have a long commute for their work, rent a furnished apartment in Hamburg but keep their first apartment. All costs for the second residence are tax deductible in Germany:

  • A maximum of € 1.000, - / per month is deductible.
  • There is no check whether the apartment is necessary or appropriate.
  • The condition is that there are professional reasons for the second residence.
  • The 2nd apartment is located less than half as far away from work as the principal residence.

Examples of deductible expenses are:

  • Base rent, operating and ancillary costs
  • rent for a parking space.
  • Some costs incurred during the search for a suitable second home

Moving costs may not be deducted per se if the second residence is rented for work reasons and the primary center of the tenant’s life remains with the same as the primary residence.

Second residence tax

A person moving into a second residence for professional reasons does not have only advantages. Many municipalities, including the city of Hamburg, charge a second residence tax. This is payable on every second residence, regardless of whether the primary residence is in the same place.

Registering with the local authorities

Once you have moved into your new temporary home, you are obliged to register your address with the local authorities (Anmelden) as soon as possible. You can make an appointment online with your district office (Bezirksamt).

  • When you move in and, in some case, out of an apartment, your landlord is obliged to give you a written confirmation. In most cases we have already sent your landlord a form to take care of this paperwork. If not, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with the form (Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung). The district office can also provide a form.
  • If your landlord registered the rental online with the district office, you need this existing registration number for your appointment.
  • The deadline to register is two weeks.
  • If you have already registered an address in Germany and are renting a second apartment for a short period only (less than half a year), you need not register the second address.
  • If your permanent address is abroad, the requirement to register your address applies if you will be staying longer than three months.
  • It is necessary to inform the authorities when you leave the apartment if you are either leaving the country or if this address is your second registered address within Germany.

Internet use and illegal downloads

With furnished rentals, the apartments are usually provided with an Internet / Wi-Fi connection. When signing the lease agreement, you will usually be asked to sign an internet waiver clause as well. This means that should you illegally download anything on this Internet / Wi-Fi connection, you are responsible for the costs, legal or otherwise. Your landlord is entitled to reveal your personal information and will be able to prove by the lease that you, not he, were using the connection. So steer clear of anything that might be illegal to avoid unnecessary costs for you and trouble for your landlord. Please note that German laws regarding illegal downloads are not only stricter than in other countries but are also actively enforced!

Broadcasting fees

No matter how many people live within a flat, whether chargeable devices exist or get used - broadcasting fees are to be paid for every apartment. These fees are often included in the rental price. (Your landlord can hand over the registration number to you as proof.) In the event that yet no fees are paid, you must register yourself and pay the costs.

Extension of the rental period

If you’d like to extend the rental of your temporary apartment, this is often possible. The conditions, either your period of notice or the extension option, are noted in your lease agreement.


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