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City-Wohnen Hamburg is an agency for furnished accommodations in Hamburg

We have been providing interim furnished housing since 1987. We evaluate all apartments on their quality and keep close track of their availability. We create each exposé, with its photographs and floor plan, individually. Many of the landlords we work with are long-time customers of City-Wohnen Hamburg.

From the beginning of your apartment search to drawing up the lease agreement, we offer personal and individual service for anyone who is looking for an interim apartment. We can give you detailed advice and offer you apartments which you can either view or book immediately.

Why do I have to register?

In order for you to be able to get in touch with our landlords, we provide you with their personal and confidential information. That is why we are obliged to verify your identity. Just snap a digital picture of your passport or EU ID card send it to us (we need the front and back of ID cards).

If your company would like to hire us and we haven’t worked with you before, register your company briefly using the online form.

How quickly will I find a furnished apartment?

That depends on how quickly you make a decision. For example, if you register with us in the morning with a concrete booking request, you can most likely sign the lease on the same day. If you would like to visit a wide range of apartments, the process will naturally take a little longer.

Can I book a furnished apartment immediately?

Many landlords agree to renting their apartments without a viewing. Just send us your registration, let us know which apartment you’d like to book, and we’ll take care of everything for you. Once the landlord has given his OK, you get your booking confirmation and we create the lease. When you move into your interim home, you automatically have liability insurance for any damages during the rental.

Can I view a furnished apartment I’m interested in?

Are you already in Hamburg and would like to view the apartment before making a decision? No problem! In most cases, once you have registered with City-Wohnen, you will receive the landlord’s contact details so you can get in touch immediately. Or one of our colleagues will show you the apartment personally!

For what period of time can I rent a furnished apartment?

The minimum rental period is, with a few exceptions, two or three months. The details can be found in the exposes. A shorter rental period is generally not allowed in Hamburg unless the owner has a permit for vacation rentals (Housing Protection Ordinance).

Unlike vacation rentals, our landlords usually want to rent their apartments for a specific time period. This means that you usually can rent the furnished apartment only from the specified move-in-date and not a month later. The exception proves the rule of course, so let us know if you are interested in a particular apartment and we can discuss a later move-in date with the landlord.

How many people can move in and are visitors allowed?

The apartments are usually equipped for a certain number of people and the rental costs are calculated accordingly. This information can be found in the apartment description. This means an apartment that is offered for two people cannot be occupied by four people. Children who need their own bed are also counted as one person. Of course you can have visitors in your accommodation, as long as it's actually just a visit and not an additional person living there.

Are pets allowed?

You can see in each description whether animals are allowed in an apartment or not. We kindly request that you tell us at the beginning of your search if you want to bring a pet. Then we can propose suitable apartments for your needs.

Can I reserve a furnished apartment?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to make a reservation. Whoever commits to renting an apartment first gets it.

Who decides if I can rent the apartment I want?

Generally the landlord decides.

How are the apartments equipped?

Our apartments are always fully equipped. You can see perfectly from the photos and the exposé what exactly is available. Keep in mind that many landlords offer their own apartment – that gives these apartments a personal touch! Each furnished apartment has its own character.

Are bedding and dishes provided?

Dishes and kitchen equipment are always available, but the accouterments vary from apartment to apartment. Duvets and duvet covers are usually available, but not always. Check the exposé beforehand carefully or ask us if something is unclear.

IIs internet provided and are the costs included in the rent?

Please see the apartment descriptions. Here you will see whether there is an internet connection or WLAN and how the costs will be charged in each apartment. If no internet is available, sometimes it is worth signing a short-term internet contract. We also offer a few internet sticks you can rent from us, but our stock is limited.

Rent and deposit

Our exposés show the complete rent, including all utilities. If any costs are billed separately, these are specified. More information on rent and deposit.

Who´s looking for an apartment for extended stay?

The main reason why someone looks for a furnished apartment through City-Wohnen is work. Either someone is coming to Hamburg for a project, or someone has a new job here but chooses to use interim housing before making the final move.

Specialized in company service

Five of our City-Wohnen colleagues make up the Company Service team. They focus exclusively on corporate clients and are your direct contact for project apartments etc.. Searching for accommodations for a number of colleagues at one time is often a challenge. We keep track of everything and wrap up your accommodations search quickly so you can get to work. Are we good at our job? Just take a look at our list of references.

Cooperation with relocation agencies

Relocation agencies are service providers who take care of the whole organization of a move and the paperwork when a change of residence is pending. The search for a suitable interim apartment is often outsourced to City-Wohnen Hamburg. We are pleased to have a very good cooperation with the major relocation agencies here in Hamburg.

Apartments for colleagues

Colleagues often share a furnished apartment. Larger apartments can have two bedrooms. If you need to watch your budget, you can also opt for a smaller 2-room apartment with one bedroom and a living room with a sofa bed.

Apartment buildings

We also act as an agent for entire apartment buildings. With a little luck, we can accommodate several colleagues in the same building.

Who offers their apartment for rent anyway?

Many people sublet their apartment because they have to move for work or want to go abroad for a longer period of time. Sometimes couples move in together and keep their apartments at first as a "precautionary measure". These apartments often have a very personal and charming character.
Professional landlords often offer several apartments or apartment buildings. These apartments are often neutral and modern, but less individually decorated. Additional services such as laundry or cleaning may be available in these apartments.

I know which apartment I want!

Once you have decided on a furnished apartment and the landlord agrees, you will receive a confirmation from us and we will draw up the lease agreement for you immediately.


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