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District Descriptions

Here you will find information about the hamburg districts

District Descriptions


Are you still looking for temporary accommodation? Or maybe you’ve already found your furnished apartment? But where is the apartment located, who lives there, and what are those neighbors like? What can you do in your temporary neighborhood, and what makes it unique? We got out our walking shoes and went exploring.

Living in Hamburg - We love it!

People from Hamburg come across as a bit arrogant when they talk about their city. Well, we can’t help it, Hamburg is simply a wonderful place to live! Apart from the waterways, the green spaces, the city itself, the harbor, the culture and the business opportunities, there are also the people who live here. Cosmopolitan citizens make life in Hamburg so endearing. Whether giving refuge to waves of people in times of crisis or committing long-term to its diverse population ... Hamburg has its arms wide open!

Each district is like a small village

In the metropolis of Hamburg there are many neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character. A lot of residents feel their district is more of a village. Despite the city’s population in the millions, each person has their own community and personal oases that anchor their daily routines.

Some neighborhoods in Hamburg boast lots of green spaces while some are more urban, dense with culture, street life and people. What they all have in common are good transport links. The well-developed public transport network and the many bike stations make it easy to reach and explore all parts of the city. Hamburg has more than 70 districts. Please enjoy some first impressions of those districts that are most central and popular with apartment seekers.


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