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Frederick Wencke

Ingrid Markusse

Company Service Team

Harald Jablonski

Eberhard Brodde

Gesche Breuer

Joana Moths O´Neil

Melina Broers

Private Customers Team

Wiebke Schöps

Kristina Strobel

Meika Franke

Monika Rohde

Sina Pilarczyk

Nancy Li

Anja Greving

Field Service Team

Monika Rohde

Gesche Breuer

Sina Pilarczyk

Nancy Li

Melina Broers

Back Office and Graphics Team

Stefanie Böhme

Anna Hirsch

Lease Agreement Team

Felix Teppo Rehmers

Ana Tomas


Jürgen Höfer

Katja Zimmermann


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