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Company History

A motto in step with the times

company history

In the eighties a start-up, and now an expert on interim housing. Hard to imagine that we started our agency without fax, e-mail or internet. We brokered shared apartments out of a basement office - by students for students. In the nineties, the internet made it possible for people around the world to find a home away from home in Hamburg.

live and let live

Everything started with the motto "Live and Let Live." In 1987, Frederick Wencke and Ingrid Markusse started their agency for temporary accommodation. Highly motivated, no start-up capital, and a small team. Most of them were - what else - students. Some employees from the very beginning are still with us today. They are now in responsible positions as senior consultants for our corporate clients.

a home away from home

The students from the eighties grew up quickly. As the students became professionals, the student rooms were replaced by fully furnished apartments. Companies and professionals liked our concept as it was the perfect, cost-effective alternative to a hotel or boarding house. They especially liked the individual ambience you get when you rent a "home away from home".

rapid technological development

Today it is unimaginable that we ever worked or communicated without computers, the internet, or e-mails. When we started in the '80s, we did actually use a Commodore 64, but we also used good old-fashioned index cards. You just couldn’t be sure if you could really rely on a computer... Even letters had to be typewritten (and corrected with a lot of whiteout)!

temporary apartments

In the late 90s we stopped offering rooms and specialized in furnished apartments. Our agency was growing up. The term "Wohnen auf Zeit" (interim housing) is now an industry term.

CWD... also known as... City-Wohnen Deutschland. In 2007, we set up the GmbH City-Wohnen Deutschland (cwd) together with one of Berlin's largest agencies for temporary accommodation. Together we stand for high standards of service for our customers.

extended stay today

In the meanwhile we have a team of 20 employees. We are still fully committed to our business - and are also very experienced. We are very proud to have made what was previously an "alternative lifestyle choice" socially acceptable! We admit to being somewhat amused by the share-economy hype. The desire or the need to share has always existed, even long before roommate-finding services or us. What has changed is the possibility of using the internet to share and market something. However, security, quality and individual service... you’ll always get that City-Wohnen Hamburg. Guaranteed.


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