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City-Wohnen Hamburg, expert for furnished apartments

Experts for furnished apartments for extended stay

About City-Wohnen Hamburg


City-Wohnen Hamburg is one of the leading agencies for temporary accommodation in Hamburg since 1987 (read more about our company history). Our focus is on marketing and brokering furnished apartments in Hamburg for periods from 2 or 3 months. Our client base is both national and international and comes mainly from companies, universities, research institutes and the media world.

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Flats and people that fit together

The professional world is mobile and international. Today, frequent changes of residence are often necessary, and furnished accommodation offers the ideal solution. Our customers are happy to have the option of renting a furnished apartment as a "launch pad". Many newcomers want to get to know Hamburg first or wisely wait for the trial period at their job to finish before they rent their own long-term apartment. We help them find their temporary home quickly and safely.

Professionalism and individuality

Both are important to us. With heart, expertise and a lot of experience we find furnished apartments for companies, employees, globetrotters etc. We never forget that we are working with and for people. We consult personally with all of our customers. The search for either an interim furnished apartment in a new city or for a suitable tenant for a furnished apartment is often tedious. We know what is important when it comes to interim housing and offer our customers quick and customized solutions.

Agency or platform?

We are an agency! We check and photograph all of the furnished apartments we offer. We create the exposés and draw up the lease agreements. We have personal contact with all of our customers. As an agency we are the direct, local contact in Hamburg. Our specialization is not tourism but furnished apartments for professionals who want to stay for a longer period in Hamburg. We meet the need for higher quality and service as well as a careful handling of formalities such as the rental contract, insurance, handover of the apartment, etc.

Company clients and relocation agencies

Looking for apartments for corporate customers often proves more complex, but we are well prepared for the challenge. Whether 10 employees need accommodation at one time or 30 are checking out on the same day... Our company service team and field/on-site team will take care of everything. Many relocation agencies are happy to let City-Wohnen take care of the apartment search for their clients.

Our landlords

We have become something of an institution in Hamburg and are very pleased that many landlords have shown us their loyalty over the years. We know what we are doing and make it easy for both private and commercial landlords to find a suitable tenant. We are always happy to welcome “one-off” landlords as well. These landlords need to sublet their furnished apartment because something is taking them elsewhere for a certain period of time, yet they do not want to give notice on their beautiful apartment in Hamburg.


City-Wohnen Hamburg is managing partner of City-Wohnen Deutschland (CWD) Immobilien und Beratung GmbH; was a member of Ring European Mitwohnzentralen (REM) from the beginning and is second chairman of the organization was well as being a founding member and managing director of Zeitwohnwerk, the quality network for temporary accommodation in Berlin, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart.






Our customers are usually in a hurry. That is why we don’t generally work with one contact person but within a team. We keep all information available to all team members. Everyone in our office knows what is going on, so you can always get help immediately. Good for you.

Good for our teamwork.



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