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servicepackage KOMFORT

The KOMFORT package offers all the benefits of the BASIC service. This includes consultations, marketing, creation of your expose plus photos and floor plan, placement, liability insurance and drawing up the rental contract.

On top is the field service. This means individual viewings, apartment handover and check out, etc. If you would like us to take care of the rent management for you, you save 2%.


costs service package KOMFORT - in detail


  • The fee is charged according to the total rental period
  • If the rental is extended, the fee will be recalculated
  • The maximum fee is reached at 10 months


 up to 1 month

 19% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 2 months

 38% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 3 months

 57% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 4 months

 76% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 5 months

 95% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 6 months

114% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 7 months

133% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 8 months

152% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 9 months

171% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 10 months

 190% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent


KOMFORT with rent management - 17%

If you opt for City-Wohnen Hamburg’s rent management, you receive the KOMFORT package 2% cheaper.

  • Rent collection through City-Wohnen Hamburg
  • Monthly billing of service fee
  • Unlimited duration, including extensions of the rental

 each month

 17% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent


KOMFORT Services - in detail

City-Wohnen is an agency with power! We are wholeheartedly committed to helping you rent your furnished apartment quickly. Our teams for private clients, corporate clients and relocation agencies, our field service team, our lease agreement team, our back office and graphics team and both company directors provide a fast and secure process when renting your furnished apartment.

Individual consultation

First check or follow up? Both in the initial consultation, as well as in the following rentals, we take the time to advise you in detail. Even beyond this, we have your apartment in mind. At the end of the day, we ave the same interest as you: we want your furnished apartment rented out quickly!


creation of a professional exposés with floor plan and photo shoot

Anyone can create a flowery description of an apartment. To market an apartment professionally however, there are other requirements. To ensure that your apartment is also found on the net in Australia, Belgium, or Canada, we work with a software that was specifically designed for interim housing and is being further developed by City-Wohnen. You don’t have to worry about SQL data strands, keywords and interfaces because we’ll take care of that. All floor plans and photos are professionally created by City-Wohnen Hamburg.

ads on the major real estate portals

Currently:  Immobilienscout24, Immowelt, Immonet, Xpat Rentals, Nestpick, Hamburger Immobilien and Ebay-Kleinanzeigen (Subject to change)


Our Flat-per-Mail service ensures that prospective tenants are informed immediately as soon as your furnished apartment matches a search profile.

up-to-date customer base

We reach many new customers directly through our website. But tenants who are already in our customer database will be notified of your apartment if the search profile matches.

communication with international clientele

We have native speakers on our team and can communicate in many languages with prospective tenants. Our documents are always bilingual: English and German.

corporate clients and relocation agencies

Our company service team has been working closely with many large companies and relocation agencies for decades (see our reference list). Many companies are regular customers at City-Wohnen and contact us as soon as new employees are hired.

direct bookings

Many tenants are not in Hamburg and need to book a furnished apartment sight unseen. Due to our detailed exposés and the photographs, that's usually not a problem. Once you agree, we can get a booking underway immediately. We'll let you know as soon as we get a booking request for your apartment. Once you have given us the green light, we take care of everything else and draw up the lease for you.


liability insurance for furnished rentals

This liability insurance is automatic for rental periods up to one year as soon as your apartment has been placed through us.

registration and verification of identity

We have a very good idea of who we are sending to you. Before a prospective tenant can contact you, we verify his or her identity. Private customers provide us with a copy of their ID. All apartment seekers have, just like you, registered with us. We are personally in contact will all customers.

automatic notification of potential tenants

You will get an instant email notification once we have matching prospective tenants for you. This is also an indicator of how your furnished apartment is doing on the market.

credit check on request

Especially if you rent your apartment for a somewhat longer time period, it may be useful to check whether your tenant can really afford the rent. We are happy to get - if possible -  a credit check via Creditreform or SCHUFA. The tenant’s consent is required for the credit check, so we’ll take care of the paperwork for that. A credit check is definitely necessary if we are to take over the rental management for you.

We take care of the red tape

rental contracts (german and english)

There are special rental contracts for temporary accommodations which have been checked by lawyers. Once you have decided on a tenant, the agreement is drawn up by City-Wohnen (bilingual) and will be emailed to you and your tenants. You can also grant us authorization for closing the tenancy agreement if you wish.

deposit management (optional)

If requested, City-Wohnen can manage the deposit. The deposit is paid back to the tenant only once you have given us the green light.

Viewings with potential tenants

We are happy to perform, in the central districts, individual viewings with prospective tenants for you. This saves a lot of time. For this we definitely need a set of keys to your apartment. Two sets of keys would be optimal so that we can move quickly if a rental and handover need to be organized at short notice.

Taking care of handovers and check-outs

In the central districts of the city, we can take care of apartment handovers and check-outs, this includes all the organization and creating a protocol.


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