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Rent securely or just hang an ad on a bulletin board?

service package BASIC

Our BASIC package offers all the services you need in order to find a tenant quickly and reliably. This includes consultations with City-Wohnen, marketing, creating an exposé plus photos and floor plan, finding tenants, a liability insurance and preparing the lease agreement. If you’d like us to keep track of the rental payments, you even save 2%.


costs service package BASIC - in detail

BASIC - 15%

  • The fee is charged according to the total rental period
  • If the rental is extended, the fee will be recalculated
  • The maximum fee is reached at 10 months


 up to 1 month

 15% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 2 months

 30% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 3 months

 45% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 4 months

 60% +

19% VAT=


 of one months rent

 up to 5 months

 75% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 6 months

90% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 7 months

105% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 8 months

120% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 9 months

135% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent

 up to 10 months

 150% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent


BASIC with rent-management - 13%

If you opt for City-Wohnen Hamburg’s rent management, you receive the BASIC package 2% cheaper.

  • Rent collection through City-Wohnen Hamburg
  • Monthly billing of service fee
  • Unlimited duration, including extensions of the rental

 each month

 13% +

19% VAT =


 of one months rent


service package BASIC – in detail

personal consultation

first check or follow-up?

Whether during the initial consultation or any of the following tenant searches, we take the time to advise you in detail.

ongoing, individual advice about your rental opportunities

We keep an eye on your apartment. In the end, we have the same interest as you do: we want to find a tenant for your furnished apartment. Our agency has been the expert for temporary accommodations in Hamburg since 1987. We know our business.

professional marketing

professional exposé with floor plan and professional photographs

Anyone can write a flowery description of their apartment. However, to ensure that potential tenants in Australia, Belgium, or Canada find your apartment on the internet, we work with a software that was specifically designed for interim housing.  Because City-Wohnen is the expert in this field, we can continually develop our software to keep up with changes in the market. We deal with terms like SQL data strands, keywords and interfaces so you don’t have to. Our agency also creates professional-standard floor plans and photographs which internet-savvy clients have come to demand.

advertising on our website

Most of our customers search for a furnished apartment directly on our website. Our apartment-per-mail service ensures that potential tenants are informed immediately when a new furnished apartment that matches their search profile is advertised.

ads on the major real estate portals

Currently:  Immobilienscout24, Immowelt, Immonet, Xpat Rentals, Nestpick, Hamburger Immobilien and Ebay-Kleinanzeigen (Subject to change)

registration, verification, and multilingual correspondence

We don’t send just anyone to your door. Before a prospective tenant can contact you, we verify his identity. Private customers provide us with a copy of their ID. Anyone seeking an apartment has issued us, just as you have, a placement order. We are personally in contact with all of our customers. We have native speakers in our team and can communicate in many languages with prospective tenants.

prospective tenants and apartments - individually matched

City-Wohnen is an agency, not an anonymous portal. We are not a "refined search engine" but work with a lot of manpower for you. Our teams are committed to helping you: our private client team, the company service team, the field team, lease team, back office and graphics team ... we are all personally at your service.

automatic notification of potential tenants

As a special service, you will receive an instant notification by e-mail as soon as we have a suitable prospect for you. This is also an indicator of how your furnished apartment is doing on the market.

negotiating special terms and conditions

Of course we also take care of special requests. To be honest, this makes up quite a lot of our job. But that is what we are here for.

direct bookings

Many prospective tenants are not in Hamburg and need to book a furnished apartment sight unseen. Due to our detailed exposés and professional photographs, that's usually not a problem. If you, the landlord, also agree, we can get the reservation underway immediately. We'll let you know as soon as we get a booking request for your apartment. Once you have given us the green light, we take care of everything else and draw up the lease for you.


liability insurance for rental property

As soon as you find a tenant through our service, this liability insurance is automatic for rental periods up to one year.

german credit check (optional)

If a prospective tenant wants to rent your apartment for a longer period, it can be useful to check whether they can really afford the rent. We are happy to check - if possible - this information through the German agencies Creditreform or SCHUFA. Consent from the tenant is required for the credit check, but we'll take care of that.

We take care of the red tape

drawing up lease agreements (german and english)

We can provide you with the lease agreement appropriate for interim housing. Our lease agreements have been screened and approved by a lawyer specialized in real estate law. Once you have decided on a tenant, City-Wohnen will draw up the (bilingual) lease agreement and mail it to you and your tenant.  You can also give us power of attorney to sign a lease agreement for you.


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