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Furnished renting in Berlin: City-Wohnen Berlin

You have found a furnished apartment in Berlin - how does it proceed?

You have found your furnished apartment in Berlin and now? Arrange the conditions with the landlord and remember: An oral contract is a contract. However, in order to avoid certain misunderstandings, a written contract should be drafted. For this, you can use the rental contract (which has been proofed by our lawyers), which our landlords already have from us. Please ensure to make a written note of any additional agreements.


Are there any other formalities, in addition to the rental contract, to be observed?

Make sure to carry out an orderly handing over of the furnished apartment in Berlin. This should also include a written log and inventory list. It is recommend that the current state of the apartment and the furniture should be noted. If an all inclusive rent has not been agreed, it is recommend that you make a note of the gas and electricity meters. As with the rental contract, there should be two copies of the forms (one for the tenant and one of the landlord), each signed by both parties.

You should go about this the same way when you are moving out or handing the apartment back to the landlord. Make sure to arrange an appointment for this in good time. The landlord will check the apartment with you and attend to the outstanding formalities.


Who receives the rent and the deposit?

The rent and the deposit are paid to the landlord. The first months rent and the deposit are typically paid by the tenant at the latest when the keys are handed over.

You shall receive the deposit back after you have moved out of the furnished apartment, or returned the flat in an orderly manner to the landlord: Does the landlord receive additional money from you, because you have used his telephone connection for example? There is normally an agreement made between the landlord and the tenant, that any outstanding costs can be offset with the deposit, as soon as the last bills have been received.

Do not forget to take a receipt of your deposit if you have paid it in cash.


What does it mean to close a temporary rental contract?

With a temporary rental contract, it is not only the start of the rental period that is set, but also the end. It could tun out that you would like to use the apartment for a longer period of time. This is possible where appropriate. Some of the landlords do not need their apartment in Berlin straight away. It is also possible that you have already arranged an extension of the rental contract. Don’t forget to avail of this option in good time.


Is the landlord permitted to enter the apartment during the rental period?

The landlord has to arrange an appointment with you, if he would like to enter the apartment. The landlord will probably wish to arrange viewing appointments if you have rented the apartment in Berlin for a temporary period of time, and the landlord shall not be using the apartment himself after you have moved out. Your rental successor will certainly wish to see the apartment in Berlin before the start of his rental period.


Cleaning of the apartment

The apartment should be received in a well looked after state. Maybe you have let your apartment during your time here in Berlin? You would like to get your apartment back in a good state? That is exactly what the landlords in Berlin expect too. A cleaning fee is often additionally noted in the rental contract.

If you need a cleaning service, then you can ask your landlord. Maybe he can recommend his own cleaning lady for you. Or you can ask us about a cleaning service.


Has something been broken?

This does of course happen sometimes. Red wine spilt on a gorgeuos, light coloured carpet for example. You have the possibility, together with your landlord, to take out a special personal liability insurance policy. This form has also been sent in the initial post to the landlord.

You should inform your landlord and us immediately, should such a case of personal liability occur, so that we can notify the insurance of the incident in due time.


General questions about renting a furnished apartment in Berlin?

You need further information about renting a furnished apartment in Berlin? You have questions regarding the tenancy? Or, you have a little problem with your landlord and despite efforts to clear it up you aren’t getting anywhere? Get in touch with us and we shall do our best to find a solution.

We would like to point out, that the information listed here and any tips you have received from our team is not a substitute for legal advice. Our experiences over the years have shown us, that most of the problems arise because the rental contract wasn’t in writing, or the handing over/handing back of the apartment were not conducted in a proper manner.


In this respect: Get in touch if certain points are not clear to you. We want you to be as happy as possible in your furnished apartment in Berlin and that you subsequently look back at your time spent in our city, you do so with a smile.


Your City-Wohnen team in Berlin

City-Wohnen Berlin’s opening times are Monday till Friday from 10am till 6pm. We are reachable at these times under the telephone number: +49-30-19 430.




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