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City-Wohnen Berlin FAQs

FAQs - City-Wohnen Berlin

How does it work?

1) Send in the registration form to our agency City-Wohnen Berlin.

2) We clear up any outstanding questions you may have and send you the description and photos for the apartment if you do not already have it. We check if all wishes you have are possible with this flat (eg. your specific rental dates) and will then look for further apartments if needed. We organise the appointment for you to visit the flat and get you in touch with the landlord.

3) When you and the landlord agree to a rental, we draw up the lease agreement and send it to you to sign.

4) As stated in the rental contract, you then transfer the first month's rent plus deposit into the landlord's account and set a day and time for the handover of the apartment directly with the landlord.

You will have to bring the first rent and deposit in cash to the handover if the rental begins straightaway and there is not enough time for the bank transfer to be completed. 

Can City-Wohnen Berlin debit my credit card for the rent and deposit?

No. The rent and deposit is payable to the landlord and must be transferred into his/her account. You will have to bring the first rent and deposit in cash to the handover if the rental begins straightaway and there is not enough time for the bank transfer to be completed.


Where do I get the keys to the apartment in Berlin?

You arrange a time and place for the handover of the apartment in Berlin and the pick up of the keys directly with the landlord or his caretaker. Usually you meet him at the apartment on the day you want to move in. 


What if I break something or if something stops working in the apartment during my stay?

In this case you get in touch with the landlord directly to inform him/her.


Do the rents include heating costs and other utilites?

The rents include all utilites (e.g heating and electricity ) unless otherwise stated.


How much is the deposit?

The amount of the deposit varies from landlord to landlord, but usually it is between one and two months' rent. 
The deposit is left with the landlord at the beginning of the rental period. If everything is in order with the apartment, and all outstanding bills have been paid, the full amount is returned to you after the rental period has ended.


What does City-Wohnen Berlin do?

The team at City-Wohnen in Berlin has already done plenty of backstage work in order to make your apartment search quick and efficient. For example: We visit every apartment before we decide whether we take it on file. Once an apartment is registered with us, we remain on the ball to ensure that our pool of apartments is regularly updated. 


Do you also have unfurnished apartments in Berlin?

City-Wohnen is specialised in furnished rentals in Berlin.

Can I rent for a longer period, eg. 3 years?

It depends on the apartment. Some flats can only be rented for restricted periods whereas others can be rented for longer periods. Just get in touch with us and we can help you out there.


What other costs can I expect?

In most cases you also need to pay a once-off final cleaning fee to the landlord which varies from apartment to apartment. This depends how long it needs to clean the apartment and on the squaremeter of the apartment.  
If an internet connection is available, the monthly fees are sometimes paid separately and are not included in the rent.

Do all apartments have internet access?

No. Not all apartments have internet access. In this case you would need to use an internet stick which you can rent when you are in Berlin. If you are planning to stay in Berlin for a longer period, it could be worthwhile to organise and pay for an internet connection yourself.

If the apartment does have internet access, the costs for this are sometimes included in the monthly rent, sometimes not. This is stated in the description to the apartment.


What can I do if I have more questions?

Write us or give us a call: +49 / (0)30 / 19 430





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