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Furnished flats in Berlin: Info Tenants

Furnished flats in Berlin: Searching and renting - Infos for tenants

Searching for furnished flats in Berlin: What does City-Wohnen Berlin do?

City-Wohnen Berlin brokers furnished flats, furnished apartments and houses for a temporary period of time in Berlin.

Are you coming for awhile for professional reasons to Berlin? Your new Berlin home is not ready yet? Or you would like to get to know our city for one or two months? Are you coming alone or together with your family? There are many different reasons for which our clients use our service: The brokerage of furnished flats and furnished apartments in Berlin. Whether it is only for a few months or for a couple of years, City-Wohnen Berlin will certainly have the right flat for you!


You would like to first have an uncommital look for flats?

No problem. Simply enter your criteria into our online flat-search and have a look, in your own time, at the information and the photos from our furnished apartments and flats in Berlin.


You would like to receive offers of furnished flats in Berlin?

You can get in touch with us by telephone or email. Or you can just fill out the registration form directly. You can enter your detailed specifications while filling out the registration form. We shall then have a look and find which of our furnished flats and furnished apartments in Berlin could be right for you. If you have already found a flat then you can send it together with the registration form.


You have questions in advance for City-Wohnen Berlin?

You would like to have more information and have questions regarding the search for furnished flats in Berlin? Give us a call: City-Wohnen Berlin can be contacted under the telephone number: +49-30-19 430 or by Email under berlin @ city-wohnen.de.


How many furnished flats shall you be offered by City-Wohnen Berlin?

It is not a problem if the right flat is not there in the first run. We shall search for and recommend new furnished flats in Berlin to you.


Are the furnished flats on the homepage up to date?

The object pool on our homepage is updated several times daily. It can of course happen that a rental contract has just been signed if other parties are interested in the same flats as you are. To save you from getting excited about a flat for nothing, we operate an extensive and constant system of file maintenance and remain in intensive contact with our providers/landlords.


Viewing of the furnished flats in Berlin

Our service is gladly used by clients who are only going to live in Berlin for a short period of time and do not have the time to view a flat beforehand. Before taking an apartment on in our offers, we visit it ourselves, taking photos in the process. Subsequently, we prepare the expose for the flats and the photos for our homepage, where you will come across them in our object pool.

We hope that the search for your new flat is therewith made easier. A personal viewing of the apartment is of course sensible, so that you can be sure that the apartment fits your requirements down to every last detail. Just let us know, so that we can arrange an appointment for you.


Getting in touch with the landlords

If you are trying to call the landlord, then be sure (if you do not reach him/her) to leave a message on the answering machine, clearly stating your name and telephone number. Please be aware that if you send an Email to the landlord, that some only check their emails sporadically and that it may be better to just give them a call.

Please inform us, should the landlords not return your calls or mails. We shall take care of this for you.


Keeping your viewing appointments

It is very important that all parties concerned keep the arranged appointments so that nobody is disappointed or annoyed. Be sure that you have all the necessary information, if not, give us a call and we will help you.

When you have already decided on an apartment, then do not forget to cancel any other viewing appointments you may have arranged. We would be more than happy, after you have informed us, to do this for you.


How much does the procurement of a flat cost?

Since 1st of June 2015 there are no commission fee for the tenants. 


You have decided upon a certain flat?

The next step is to arrange the exact conditions with the landlord. Thereby it is advisable to draw up a written rental contract with the landlord. In order for everything to run smoothly we have, at the outset, sent our landlords mail with, among other things, a rental contract. We have compiled further information for tenants. However if you are unsure as to the next step please do not hesitate in contacting us, we will be more than happy to help you further.


Your City-Wohnen team - for furnished accommodation in Berlin

City-Wohnen Berlin’s opening times are Monday till Friday from 10am till 6pm. We are reachable at these times under the telephone number: +49-30-19 430.


Your City-Wohnen team in Berlin - for furnished accommodation in Berlin!



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