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furnished apartment Berlin: Info renting - City-Wohnen Berlin

You would like to let your furnished apartment in Berlin for a temporary period of time?

Then we are the right contact person for you. City-Wohnen Berlin specialises in finding tenants for your furnished apartment, furnished flat or furnished house for temporary periods of time in Berlin.


How do you offer your furnished apartment in Berlin?

It is not difficult at all to let your apartment with City-Wohnen: Just click on the menu point "Apartment to Let". There you will find the most important requirements regarding our taking on of your apartment as well as our online form, where you can enter the information for your apartment. We will subsequently get in touch with you: Especially in regard to the arrangement of an appointment for us to view the apartment, during which we shall take photos of the furnished apartment and also discuss any further questions you may have.


Do not hesitate in contacting us by telephone, if you wish to let your furnished apartment with City-Wohnen Berlin: Telephone 030 - 19 430.


Having seen the apartment and prepared the photos, we shall then compile the exposé which you can take a look at on our homepage. We will of course, if you wish, happily send the exposé to you.


What objects will be taken on by City-Wohnen Berlin?

  • Furnished flats, apartments and houses in Berlin, that are available for at least four months and are centrally located.
  • A well kept and modern décor is generally important.


What are the costs for you?

Here are information about the cost: commission fee. And you need to invest only a bit of time: 

  • Do you have a moment? If you would like to offer your furnished apartment in Berlin, then fill in the information to the finest details. The simplest and quickest way is with our online registration-form.
  • Think about it: A good brokerage depends on teamwork. If we have taken your offer on board, it is important for you to keep us up to date, especialy as soon as you have come to an agreement with an interested party.


What does City-Wohnen Berlin offer you?

Professional marketing
After the first viewing and the compilation of the exposé, including photos and where possible a floor plan, we shall market your object in a professional manner.

* We shall offer your apartment to suitable interested parties from our actual customer list.

* We shall post (anonymously) your apartment on our website as well as on the homepage from our alliance (Ring Europäischer Mitwohnzentralen e.V.: www.mitwohnzentrale.de)

* We shall place your apartment on the most important property websites. In particular Immobilienscout 24 and Immowelt.

* We also advertise in the printed media regularly.

Comprehensive advice
We shall advise you: You have questions about your furnished apartment, about the rental conditions? You have had trouble until now to find a suitable tenant? You would like to be generally advised on the letting of your furnished apartment in Berlin? We are looking forward to your phone call.


We will inform you: You shall receive post from us straight away with many tips and lots of information. Every flat has its own special features. You will have a direct contact person who will support you and keep an eye on your object.


We will find the suitable interested parties for you: The consulting of our interested parties is also comprehensive. Through that we can save you plenty of discussions and appointments. We have therefore cleared many things with your potential tenant in advance.

Further service
Everything should run smoothly when you let your apartment. For example, we provide a temporary rental contract for you (which has been proofed by our lawyers). Our special personal liability insurance policy rounds our service off.


City-Wohnen: Splendid supervision of the brokerage of your furnished apartment in Berlin

City-Wohnen specialises in the brokerage of furnished flats and apartments in Berlin for temporary periods of time. We shall stand by your side with our many years of experience in Berlin’s residential market.

Furnished living: What should be looked out for by the fitting of your furnished apartment in Berlin?

Our clients come from Germany and all over the world. They bring their personal things with them but there is no room in their suitcase for a lot of other things, including things they need in an apartment on a daily basis. Therefore such things as cutlery, towels and bed clothes are important parts of the inventory. Remember too that nowadays electrical devices, like a tv for example, belong to the basic furnishing of an apartment. If, in addition to these basics, you are offering a well kept and modern ambiente, your future tenant will soon be standing on your doorstep. 

Please note that we no longer take on rooms to let, whether it be for a shot or long period of time.


Temporary living in Berlin: For what periods of time are most of the interested parties searching for?

Many of our clients need an apartment in connection with a work project here or for the initial period of time when moving from their hometown to Berlin. Some know in advance that they will be staying for a definite period of months or years. Others may extend their stay if their project is extended, or the length of time they stay depends on the success of the project. If your tenant feels at home in the apartment he may decide to stay longer instead of looking for another apartment. Therefore apartments with, for example, a longer rental contract with a short period of notice (normally 1 month) are sought after. On the one hand, there is the danger that your tenant will move out after a short period of time because the project in Berlin didn't last as long as expected. On the other hand, you have the chance that your tenant will stay for a longer period of time, if their project in Berlin is extended.


City-Wohnen in Berlin

We are reachable by telephone from Monday till Friday, 10 am till 6 pm. Or just send us an Email.

We are more than happy be of further assistance to you - The Team from City-Wohnen Berlin




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