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City-Wohnen Berlin - FAQs

Letting a furnished apartment in Berlin - FAQs

You want to let a furnished apartment in Berlin? We have gathered some tips and information here, that could be of interest to you as a landlord.


Is a written rental contract important?

Yes. Despite the fact that an oral contract is valid, you should definitely close a written rental contract for your apartment. You can refer to all the conditions, spoken about with the tenant, once you have them in black and white. Our legally proofed rental contract can be used for temporary rental contracts. You shall receive this in the initial post which you, as landlord, receive from us.


When does the tenant pay the deposit and the first months rent to the landlord?

The first months rent and the deposit are normally paid in advance. Latest at the handing over of the apartment. Many landlords demand a payment in advance, should the rental period begin at a later date. All receipts of cash transfers (rent, deposit etc.) should be acknowledged in a written manner.


What is to be observed by the handing over and giving back of the apartment?

You are letting your furnished apartment in Berlin - make sure to carry out an orderly handing over of the apartment. This should also be written down. For example: when and to whom the apartment shall be handed over to, the stand of the electricity and gas meters, or how many keys are to be handed over. It is certainly recommended, in the case of a furnished flat, that you make an inventory list at the handing over of the flat. Two copies of such written agreements as well as the rental contract ,signed by both parties, should also be made. One for the landlord and one for the tenant respectively. The same procedures should apply to the handing over/taking back of the apartment.



What should be noted in the inventory list?

Rather than taking a note of every single detail, many landlords use collective terms such as cutlery, dishes etc. Objects of particular value should of course be more explicitly noted in the inventory list. With a television, for example, the exact make should be noted.


General questions regarding the letting of your furnished apartment in Berlin?

Do you need further information about the letting of a furnished apartment in Berlin? Or do you have problems with your tenant, and can't get any further, despite attempts to clear everything? Get in touch with us and we will try to find a solution. 

We would like to point out, that all the information and tips provided by our team are no substitute for legal advice. Our years of experience have shown, that problems often arise due to a lack of a written rental contract and when a proper hading over or returning of an apartment has not been had.

Therefore: Get in touch with us, if you are not sure of certain points, because we want you to feel comfortable with letting your furnished apartment in Berlin.


Do you have any further questions?

You can of course contact us if you are in need of further information. We are reachable by telephone from Monday till Friday, 10 am till 6 pm. Or just send us an Email


Telephone: +49-30-19 430
Fax: +49-30-216 94 01


We are more than happy be of further assistance to you - The Team from City-Wohnen Berlin





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