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Furnished apartment Berlin - Info Landlords: City-Wohnen Berlin

Letting a furnished apartment in Berlin

You would like to offer your furnished apartment in Berlin with City-Wohnen...

... and would like some information in advance? Here is our small check list:

Furniture and Fittings:

Every landlord asks himself, what are my chances of finding a tenant for my furnished apartment in Berlin. A well kept and modernly furnished apartment is an important factor for interested parties.


The apartment should be available for at least 4 months. Long term offers are also gladly taken on board. Please note: Nowadays, in many companies and businesses, flexibility is called for. Longer rental contracts with corporate clients are often only accepted by the tenant with a short term period of notice.


Berlin is very big and most interested parties do not want to have too far to travel to work. The apartment should therefore be centrally located and have a good transport connection.

Rental permission:

Provided that you would like to offer an apartment as a tenant, as opposed to as an owne, permission to let the apartment will need to be attained. This should be cleared up in advance with the owner or with the management of the property as the case may be.

Stove heating:

Most working people have a problem with returning home to a cold apartment in the evening. Even though an old tiled stove adds a bit of flair to a Berlin apartment, if there is no modern heating in the apartment we will not accept your apartment in our files.

Room letting:

You would like to let a room in your apartment. Sorry, but we do not broker rooms anymore. We have focused our brokerage upon furnished flats, houses and apartments in Berlin.

Any further questions? You can contact us directly under: + 49 / 30 / 19 430 or send us a message.

No further questions? Simply fill out our online registration if you would like to let your furnished apartment in Berlin with us.



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