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Furnished flats in Berlin-Pankow

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Pankow? Prenzlauer Berg!

This southern part of Pankow is very well known, and it is an area where many people want to live. Especially those new to Berlin who perhaps work or study in Mitte - Prenzlauer Berg is a practical place to live as it is so close by. For those who are want to live in the midst of new trends, Prenzlauer Berg offers it all. And not just for temporary accommodation – many come to Prenzlauer Berg, are so taken with the pulse and energy, that they decide to settle down permanently in this exciting part of town.

Most have heard about the phenomenal changes to Prenzlauer Berg – the young families who have moved to Helmholtzplatz, the newly renovated and very expensive loft apartments on Kollwitzplatz, the endless cafés populated by yuppies with laptops…. During the GDR, Prenzlauer Berg was right up the top of the list of dilapidated districts. Today, just about every building on every street has been polished up and renovated, causing most of the original residents to turn their back and leave the district they no longer recognize. If you feel like getting a taste of history, you should look for an apartment in one of the typical turn-of-the-century buildings which have a front, side and often several backblocks, linked together by various courtyards. Small trendy shops and restaurants are abound, especially in the southern part of the district. It’s all about seeing and being seen in this area between Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte – in fact the street „Kastanienallee“ is also known as „Casting Allee“.


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