Disclaimer, Data Protection and User Information

Disclaimer: Data Protection and User Information with City-Wohnen

Copyright www.city-wohnen.de

The homepage under www.city-wohnen.de is the property of City-Wohnen Deutschland (cwd) GmbH. The photos and texts offered on the homepage are the property of City-Wohnen Immobilien und Beratung GmbH Berlin, of City-Wohnen Immobilien und Beratung Hamburg, City-Wohnen Deutschland (cwd) GmbH or fall under other copyright laws. Usage, especially the use of the photos, is only allowed with our expressed written permission. 

Data Protection

We are happy that you are visiting our homepage and about your interest in City-Wohnen Berlin. Data protection is also important for us. You will therefore find some details here.

You do not have to disclose your identity in order to use our website. Personal data will only be collected when you disclose it to us, in the case of our registration form for example. 

We only save and work with the data which you have given us freely or automatically. This data will be used by us to carry out our service, the creation of a search profile for example, in order to suggest suitable objects to the interested party.

Passing on of data to a third party

City-Wohnen Berlin and City-Wohnen (cwd) will never lease or sell your data to a third party.

Your personal details, or part thereof, shall be passed on to a third party: 
- when the forwarding is necessary in order for us to carry out our service which you have called upon. (The forwarding of landlords contact details to potential tenants for example).
- when a subcontractor or auxillary agent, whom we have commissioned as part of our service, needs these details. (The commissioning of a courier, in order to bring a key from the address of Client A to the address from Client B for example).
- due to a governement or legal agency order
- if it necessary to prevent the misuse of our services, especially a breach of our general terms and conditions.


Further User information 

City-Wohnen (cwd) and City-Wohnen Berlin does not guarantee that the information provided is up to date, error free and complete. Especially with regard to the details and features of our online pool of furnished flats. Offers are subject to change and non-binding. For this you can also take a look at our general terms and conditions.

We emphatically reserve the right to delete, add to, change the complete homepage or to temporarily suspend our announcements.

Notice of liability regarding links

We, City-Wohnen Immobillien & Beratung GmbH in Berlin as well as City-Wohnen Deutschland (CWD) GmbH, are not liable for the links associated with our website or for their content. All links have been checked by us. City-Wohnen Berlin and City Wohnen Deutschland cannot however rule out, that the content of the linked websites can change, or be removed by the owner of the website.

Following a decision from the highest district court in Hamburg, owners of websites are, under certain circumstances, liable for the content of the websites they have links for. Unless they dissociate themselves explicitly therefrom.
On this note, City-Wohnen Immobilien und Beratung GmbH and City-Wohnen Deutschland (CWD) dissociates itself explicitly herewith, from all website content referred to with the help of a link.

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